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Cricket: Main Rules, Tricks and Perspective

Sports analytics play a significant role in numerous issues related to sport. A number of these problems are the ranking of individual players and their specialised skills, the composition of groups with an optimal balance of specialised skills, the ranking of teams, the negotiation of...

History of Cricket Bats and Their Further Development

The cricket bat was first mentioned in 1624 when an investigation was carried out into the passing away of a fielder. In that era, the bowlers used to bowl underarm, which is by throwing the ball from knee level. This is why the bats used...

Johnny Mullagh as the Leading Figure of the Australian Cricket

Australia’s sporting identity defines Australia as a multicultural society. When Australia begun expressing their power in cricket they put themselves against Britain identifying themselves as more fit and active. As Cricket became an important role in Australia’s identity, a community was brought together and formed...

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