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Types of a Caddie and Its Role in Golf

Everyone who plays golf agrees that golf is a very complicated sport, which not only needs physical strength but emotional as well, and to keep the game interesting, fun and light, caddies come into action and help a lot. A caddie is a person who...

The Benefits of Using Golf Umbrellas During a Golf Game

While you may choose to just pack a normal umbrella as you hit the course, you'll rapidly find out that it just won't do. Golf umbrellas are made in way of golfers. They are commonly a lot bigger, giving more inclusion underneath. This is significant...

Callaway Golf: Company Overview and Strategy Breakdown

Callaway Golf has been leading the competition in this niche market for some time. Golf is a luxury sport so it is important to stay ahead of the competition and maintain top of the line equipment. To stay ahead of the market, it is also...

The Role of High-Quality Golf Swing in the Professional Golf

The golf swing is a component of the game of golf which is performed by the player when driving, chipping and putting with the aim of hitting the golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible (Hume et al, 2005). The asymmetrical...

History Of Golf Clubs Around The World

In 1891, Scottish settlers founded the Royal Melbourne Club in Australia. Not surprisingly, it is strongly influenced by the Scottish Club Royal & Ancient Club of St. Petersburg. Andrews. The dune landscape of this field strongly resembles the typical Scottish Lynx Cors (links course). This...

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