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My Skating Career Has Shaped Me Into Who I am Today

To many people, age ten is young. In the world of figure skating, however, age ten is seen as too late to begin a competitive figure skating career. Age five is ideal. At ten, I fell in love with a sport dominated by kids half...

Synchronized Ice Skating: Fitness & Benefits

Synchronized Skating has been going on for approximately 60 years and has become a successful sport. Synchronized skating is now practiced around the world. It can be seen used as an act of performance in Disneyland, world synchronized championship, classes given in colleges and many...

The Ice Skating Vs My Life

Nothing beats the feeling when you finish your routine at a competition you have been working towards for months. You take a deep breath, you smile and suddenly all the pressure disappears. Your body fills with relief as you curtsey to the judges and step...

The Art and Discipline of Figure Skating: A Passionate Journey

As a young girl, I discovered the captivating world of figure skating through a televised competition, and I instantly knew that this would become the passion of my life. Over the years, I have dedicated countless hours to perfecting my technique, honing my skills, and...

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