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Americanization of Canadian Hockey as a Major Sport

Hockey is another modern sport where fans in the crowds experience all the excitment and nerves on edge moments during each game. Ice hockey is played using sticks to push a rubber disk into a net guarded by a goalkeeper. Due to its speed and...

Force and Violence in Ice Hockey

Fighting has consistently been an admired aspect of hockey. The term enforcer has remained widely used to describe a player on a hockey team purposely there for muscle, to battle guys that are striking their teammates too hard, or making cheap shots. Although fighting has...

Ice Hockey and Computer Science: My Diverging Passions

When people think of me they think of a hockey player: an athletic, aggressive kid who is always out on pond somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. They would never think of me as someone who likes to sit at a desk and write software, and...

The Rise of Ice Hockey in the US

Many people in the U.S. have gained an interest in the rapidly growing sport ice hockey. Fans these days pack out stadiums to see their favorite teams battle for victory on the ice. A hockey game can have a wide variety of spectators. A few...

Ice Hockey vs. Rugby: Defining the Distinction

Everyone play sports. Most of the sports have some similarities and also differences in many aspects. Rugby and ice hockey are two sports, which are comparable in objective but very different in their directions and guidelines. Both of these games have shown a steady increase...

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