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Jesse, Luz and Riefenstahl Resisting Racism and Nazism

Race pays special attention to a legendary black athlete Jesse Owens (Stephan James) and his inspiring journey to fight with racism in both America and Germany, culminating in his outstanding track-and-field performance at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. At first, there are several questions which...

Life and Achievements of Jesse Owens

A compelling phenomenon happened in American history that awesome day in 1936 at the Berlin Olympics, when Jesse Owens won four gold medals. This achievement, along with others that he had in his life, were very inspiring and contributed to how fast Jesse rose to...

Jesse Owens: The Fastest Man Alive

Who was Jesse Owens? Jesse Owens was an African-American man who had a burning passion for the sport Track and Field and became a four gold medal winning Olympian in the year of 1936. You wouldn't ever think a man like him, who grew up...

An Analysis of Jules Tygiel's Baseball's Great Experiment

Baseball’s Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and his Legacy Jules Tygiel’s Baseball’s Great Experiment details the history and aftereffects of Jackie Robinson’s reintegration of the sport. Tygiel was a prominent baseball historian who taught at San Francisco State University. The author’s research and passion for baseball...

Jesse Owens: A Symbol of Hope Against Racism

Running Against Racism Taking deep breaths, he stretched his legs, trying to calm his nerves. The sweat slowly dripped down his face. The sun hid behind the clouds as he scanned the crowd. He caught the eyes of Hitler, who was staring right back at...

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