Jesse Owens: A Symbol of Hope Against Racism

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Running Against Racism

Taking deep breaths, he stretched his legs, trying to calm his nerves. The sweat slowly dripped down his face. The sun hid behind the clouds as he scanned the crowd. He caught the eyes of Hitler, who was staring right back at him, and he swiftly got into position. He glanced at the other racers and they stared ahead with determination. The shot of the gun still rang in his ears as he took off, pumping his legs. He sped ahead of the other racers quickly and his feet barely hit the ground. After rushing past the finish line, they hung the gold medal around his neck. Later he was presented with three more. The 1936 Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany was a very successful time in Jesse Owens life. He won four gold medals and received many accolades. He struggled and strived for success and the world was against him. He was an African American man in a racist and segregated United States. His qualities not only helped him succeed, but he helped influence a racist society to evolve into a more understanding group of people. He also gave courage to others around him. Jesse Owens was a prosperous athlete who inspired me to make a difference in my life and the world around me.

Jesse Owens accomplished so much in his life even though he faced many challenges. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal because of his bravery. He worked hard and stayed courageous when his character was put to the test. Also, he beat many world and Olympic records because of his dedication; he trained and worked to be the best. Another attainment he had was that he won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics. He competed in four events and won first place in all four events. Another achievement in his life was getting through college. He was very poor and he had to work many jobs to pay for it. He attended Ohio State and was able to support himself and his wife because of his work ethic. Another example of his great work ethic is that he had chronic bronchial congestion and pneumonia as a child, but he still picked cotton to make money and help support his large family. Even though he was very ill he knew he had to help make money for the family if they were going to survive.

Jesse Owens has inspired me to make a difference because of his exemplary qualities that are key to becoming successful. He has inspired millions of people and helped America become less racist. We still have many problems because we don’t treat each other equally based on religion or gender. I hope I could help make the people of the world treat each other equally and have respect for everyone. If everyone was more understanding the world would also be more peaceful and have a lot less terror and death. Another thing I hope to accomplish would be going to the Olympics and seeing different places around the world like Jesse did. To make the hopes I have reality, I will have to be more like Jesse Owens because his qualities and character are what made him successful. I will have to be brave, dedicated, determined, devoted, and hardworking.

I was inspired to make a difference because of Jesse Owens and his incredible life. He was a very important part in American History. Owens changed the perspectives of hundred of people and a country. Leaders alive today should admire and follow Jesse’s qualities if they want to make a difference. He was someone who the people could follow and support and wasn’t afraid to be himself and do what he thought was right. His leadership changed history and someone today who resembles him could change our lives. The differences in individuals today that separate us can cause wars and if we embrace those differences like Jesse Owens did, then the world could drastically change. If we all followed Jesse Owens then we could all have gold medals of our own.

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