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How the Gym Influences Fitness

A primary concern that both men and women share is how they care about their physical appearance. Gym members believe they have to represent a particular image to be attractive in today’s society. Women are expected to be curvy and thin, while men are expected...

Gym Etiquette You Should Follow

The gymnasium may be an intimidating vicinity. Besides the grunting and the weights losing, there is a mystery code of behavior that is completely foreign to any newcomer on what to do and not to do. Read the Regulations at your Gym This seems apparent,...

Meaning of Gym Membership in Our Lives

Referring to the article by Tan Yi Liang from The Star Online, titled Improving Lives Through Exercise, dated 2 April 2019, I strongly agree that we should adopt developmental sports as a learning challenge to help young people enhance their quality of life and cognitive...

Consumer Protection Law in the Large Scale Indian Gym

Introduction Consumer protection rights exist to protect the consumers from malpractices in business transactions that include goods and/or services. However, consumer protection rights are usually unknown to the common consumer due to which companies often get away with violations of consumer protection law. Our report...

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