How Physical Education Can Affect Students' GPA

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How Physical Education Can Affect Students' GPA essay
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Physical education classes can make or break your GPA when it comes to someone who isn’t athletically inclined. When it comes to gym classes over regular classes that involve studying for there future, students choose the class that will help them grow as a person over physical activity. These grades affect their overall grade point average, which ultimately influences colleges to accept them, or not accept them. This may seem extreme, but a student’s physical fitness really does affect their success in life and helps influence there future.

Growing up throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school every student was exposed to physical education, no matter age, shape or size. When students were younger they are taught that physical fitness is important to know about in the future to help ensure them that it would help keep them healthy. This being said students should be taught healthy habits instead of graded on their physical fitness abilities.

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When physical education is affecting a student's grades who is already struggling whether it be with there health that limits there ability to exercise, or just there overall physical ability; an average of 1- 10 students may push themselves too far. When being graded on there ability students run faster and harder then their body can handle it, making them dizzy, dehydrated, uncomfortable, and can also make them pull or strain themselves. Students who have to run should be graded on their effort, not the time that they run. Everyone is different and some people physically excel, while others do not. Those who do not excel in physical activity should not have to face a lower GPA because they physically weren’t able to push themselves past the limits their limits. From the research that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies found approximately half of people between ages 12 and 21 do not exercise vigorously on a daily basis.

On the other hand, physical education does teach students the importance of exercise and how to take care of themselves but does that mean that they should be graded on their body and how far they can push themselves past there limit? Just because a student is not physically able to perform to the way that a teacher wants, doesn’t mean that the students do not perform the same way that they do in the knowledge category. Not only does this stunt there confidence, but it may also cause them to lose or lack motivation because they feel that they are just not athletically capable.

There are lots of jocks who are terrible with learning and plenty of kids who are out of shape that excel in their studies. Any student can be a achiever, get straight A’s across the board, but still not be able to excel in sports. Either way, a student shouldn’t be defined by there gym grade in a activity such as physical activities. They can feel embarrassed and feel less confident in what they do. When a kid or a teen is rewarded on their effort it improves their self-esteem and gives them an extra boost of confidence and helps them feel good about themselves. Instead of lower a student, we should be building them up enough to help them succeed in whatever the case may be. The only other time that they should be judged on physical activity is if it helps them with a there future professions like the Military, Marines, or Professional Football.

Instead of tearing down students self-esteem and pushing them past there limits, we should be building up their confidence and making sure that they are learning how to care for themselves rather than be torn down by there physical ability to do something. Students in gym should not have to worry about there grade being affected by there physical ability which can and may affect their opportunity to, later on, succeed in life.

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This essay discusses the contentious issue of grading in physical education classes and its impact on students' overall academic performance. The writer acknowledges the potential influence of physical fitness on a student's success and college acceptance but argues against grading students solely on their physical abilities. The essay presents valid points about how grading physical education can affect students' self-esteem, motivation, and confidence. The discussion on the importance of teaching healthy habits and the potential negative impact of excessive physical exertion is well articulated. However, the essay could benefit from a clearer structure to enhance its readability and flow. Additionally, providing specific examples or studies related to the effects of physical education grading on college acceptance and future prospects could further strengthen the argument.
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Clear Structure: Organize the essay with clear introductory and concluding paragraphs, as well as distinct sections for each major point. This will enhance readability and coherence. Supporting Evidence: Incorporate specific examples, anecdotes, or studies to support the argument regarding the impact of physical education grades on college acceptance and future opportunities. Thorough Exploration: Address potential counterarguments or alternative perspectives to strengthen the overall argument. Consistency in Expression: Pay attention to consistent use of grammar and expression throughout the essay for improved clarity.
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How Physical Education Can Affect Students' GPA essay

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