All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy: Application Of Saying In P. E.

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”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' this is an example of a proverb that means without time from work a person can become bored of the work being done. This quote itself can be used to tell the importance of physical education in any education system. The research that is behind this question shows that activity is important in educating the body and the mind for stressing students. It has been seen to donate directly to a student’s evolution of physical ability and fitness. For the students that intake P.E has to be a fun class, they have chosen by understanding the value of leading a lifestyle with mobile physical practices.

For mobile students, P.E affects both their learning and the endures that they have throughout the day. Adolescents also apply to physical activity in their school system used to enhance their development of positive self-love and to chase their emotional, mental, and public challenges. For this reason, school systems should apply for physical education because they are essential for developing student's motor skills to improve their physical fitness, relieve stress and students get an understanding of the concepts fostering their lifelong healthy lifestyle.

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The main benefits of physical education in school are through the roof because according to Hertz Furniture it states that it has a positive effect on the student's health and it increases the student's academic performance in school. In other words, the lack of physical education in students promotes obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. Researchers say that just by the student walking for 20 minutes it affects brain functions and it allows the student to maintain high performance in school. Studies have shown that as long as the student is in motion that is consisted of physical activity because the body is in continuous movement. Teachers are attacked with a whole lot of other demands as areas of physical education identify their claims for a rightful place in the school curriculum (Almond 14).

As stated earlier, P.E and activity can diminish certain stress factors in students and adults. Physical activity can help lower overall stress in adults and students, and improve your quality of life. Excerise is one of the best ways to soothe the body, mind, and even your mood. It can relieve you of tension, anxity, anger and depression. It can also help boost your confidence levels.Doing excerises can get your mind off of any worries that you may have. The repetive motion involves you to focus more on your body then anything you have going on thoughout the day. Research shows that focusing on excerise can allow the body to be in a calm state.

Many people have noticed a big improvement in there mood during a workout. People will contine to see an increase in feeling if they were to keep up their workout rountine and keep track of their moods before and after there workout.

According to Len Almond, as the body gets older in age the person tends to blow off the aspect to excerise. When we were kids we used to have fun outside on the playground and enjoy the time outside. Now the amount of times a person gets up on their own time to go to the gym is slim. This is what leads to the world's obesity rate to go up (16).

The obesity rate in the US has been a topic of concern for the last decade. Obesity is little kids is less common than obesity in an adult because when you are a child you have slower metablism than an older person. According to JHR children that consume lunch from he school are more likely to obese than a child that takes a lunch from their home because the parent is aware of what the child is intaking. Sixteen percent of children aged 6–19 years old are obese. But this amount of children varies because the obese kids are having to walk to and from school so this amount is lowered within the year. When a child has to suffer from obesity at the same time the child is having more health problems that is frightening. As a child, it is not healthy to grow up with frightening health concerns, it can proteny get worse as we get older. 

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