Essay Samples on Training

The Ice Skating Vs My Life

Nothing beats the feeling when you finish your routine at a competition you have been working towards for months. You take a deep breath, you smile and suddenly all the pressure disappears. Your body fills with relief as you curtsey to the judges and step…

Appeal and Benefits of Tennis

Across the world, tennis is associated with rich people, and it has often been perceived as a sport for the privileged in the society. Nevertheless, tennis is a lifetime sports activity that can be played from the age of eight years to the age of…

Understanding Assessment in Education and Training

The school setting or a learning institution accepts the drive of improving teaching by making sure that the assessment serves the teaching purpose, and that the teaching is not negatively affected by assessments put in place for accountability. According to Johnson, Mims-Cox, & Doyle-Nichols (2006),…

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