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Across the world, tennis is associated with rich people, and it has often been perceived as a sport for the privileged in the society. Nevertheless, tennis is a lifetime sports activity that can be played from the age of eight years to the age of eighty years old. As someone who has been playing tennis since I was an eighth grader, I have seen kids as little as three who start swinging a tennis racket and have also seen grandpa as old as eighty-two still beat his opponent and still plays to this day. Although some may argue with the idea, tennis is considered the best sport for people across all age groups because it provides several health benefits to individuals irrespective of their age, can be play at all ages, and it is very safe compared to other sports.

Tennis provides several health benefits to individuals irrespective of their age. My mom supported me playing tennis because she felt that tennis teaches physical literacy that helps people to develop several skills, however old they are. Tennis has also often been viewed as a sport that is associated with teamwork, therefore in the process; it provides the players with a social network that allows them to build personality as well as responsibility. The sports enable the players of all ages to develop independence as well as resilience; traits that everyone needs in life. Even so, tennis is a sport that needs extremely excellent physical and mental health ability. Most of the children below the age of eight years, as well as the people who are above eighty years, often have weaker physical and mental health. As such, this sport does not favor them.

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However, some may argue that tennis is not the funniest sport to watch or it is just a sport where the two players just tap a ball over the net until someone hit it out. This is not true because these people most likely have not seen a competitive match of tennis before. This applies to almost any game played it is not enjoyable to watch a bunch of beginners do anything. People may say that football or basketball is far better sports than tennis because of the larger fan base and are played much more often in schools, but it just not the best sport for all age group.

One of the most recognized benefit from playing tennis is the minimal injuries that is in the sport compared to other sports. Throughout the years of playing tennis, the only time that something happened to me and my teammate was a muscle soreness from playing ten hours a day, but with many of the other sports like football you will most likely end up with a concussion or broken bone. Even though football players have protective equipment, the contact that is require in football to bring an opponent to the ground, or resist from being brought to the ground, makes football players prone to injury anywhere on their bodies. Tennis, on the other hand, is a sport that can be injury free with the proper exercise and have the variety of all sports.

In addition to minimal injuries, another important reason that tennis is the best sport is that tennis players can come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. There are sports such as football or baseball that require players to grow very tall or gain unusual weight, but tennis takes years of constant training. Tennis also can be played for life because it is a low-impact and non-contact sport. Children, teens, parents, grandparents, and great grandparents can all play the sport. Also, there is no other sport like tennis that is so international and competitive out there that involve male and female all the same time.

Indeed, tennis is not only famous for its wealthy international participants, but also for the individual benefits that it brings to the players. Ideally, across the globe, there is global, national, regional as well a state age group competition for people below the age of eight years to the age of ninety and over. Tennis is a sport that can be played across all age groups because of the health benefits that it accords the participants. Furthermore, it builds physical literacy and provides grounds for social networking, all of which are crucial for people of all ages.

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