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Is The WWE Industry too Violent to be Considered Entertainment

Introduction WWE has been on the top of their game for many years now and there have been so many controversies and debates on the fact of weather the WWE is fake or real, weather their superstars have actually died or just gone into retirement...

The Issue of Violence and Aggression in Competitive Sport

Violence has always been part of human nature. We see it every day in our life’s. In our homes, our schools, our communities, from historical times to the present. In today’s society, we are always shown with violent images every day, through the war coverage...

Issues Faced by Women in Sports: Violence, Discrimination, Inequality

For countless years, both women and girls were known to be excluded from playing sports or doing any kind of work that would require them to move around. However, the women of today are now addressing the issue of gender inequality through sports. According to...

Deviance and Poor Behaviour of the Players in Sports

Sports deviance is known as actions and behaviours that deter from the normal, which are perceived as being negative. This could be many things such as violence in sport, doping and drug use within a sporting environment, match-fixing, and foul play by sports players in...

Force and Violence in Ice Hockey

Fighting has consistently been an admired aspect of hockey. The term enforcer has remained widely used to describe a player on a hockey team purposely there for muscle, to battle guys that are striking their teammates too hard, or making cheap shots. Although fighting has...

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