Is The WWE Industry too Violent to be Considered Entertainment

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WWE has been on the top of their game for many years now and there have been so many controversies and debates on the fact of weather the WWE is fake or real, weather their superstars have actually died or just gone into retirement and weather the stunts in it's shows are becoming more dangerous everyday.

Today after extensive research i'll tell you every single reason why the WWE has become way too dangerous to be viewed by little kids, how some of their superstars died and their extreme history with violence that could even scar viewers for life. The moves and stunts they perform are really flashy as well and would incline you to try it on your friends once in a while as well, and i know first hand because it's something that has happened to me and it very well happen to you as well.

My Personal Background with WWE

When i was a really young boy, let's say about 5 years old id watch wrestling all the time. It quickly became an addiction and i couldn't control myself. You'd occasionally see me flying across the room trying to replicate every move i could see on tv. WWE made me thing and very well believe that i was invincible and i could do any dangerous stunt i wanted and everything would turn up being fine. As I became more and more into the thought of wrestling i had come to the conclusion that i needed a partner to actually wrestle against because it got really boring wrestling all by myself.

So smart little old me decided it would be wise to teach my sister how to wrestle.

My little sister who was at least 3 or 4 at the time.

So many dangerous things could have happened to them and what i did was not safe at all but that all leads back to how WWE affected me and drove me into doing it and drives a lot of kids into doing a lot of dangerous stupid stuff as well, and not all of them end with everyone remaining fine or uninjured. Some people really take it too far and sustain some life threatening injuries that they instantly regret.

In a youtube video by ( “AntonFil - AJ Styles VS Dolph Ziggler. Kids Wrestling WWE. (KEED INJURY) 2016”) it shows two boys wrestling in their mothers living room. Ultimately they are having fun but the adrenaline in the fun they are having is not allowing them to comprehend that they are hurting themselves and one even sustains an injury. You see the kids banging their heads against the floors and walls of the living room throwing each other off of the sofas.

These dangers towards kids is my first point on why wrestling is very harmful to kids and why the violence in the WWE has become way too dangerous to still be considered entertainment.

How the WWE affects kids further

In a survey done by “The Sports Journal - Matthew J. Bernthal” Teachers of students were asked how their students have been acting ever since being introduced to WWE and watching it on the daily. All the teachers could say is that their students have been acting way more aggressive, violent and rough ever since being introduced to pro wrestling.

Wrestling has definitely grown into a large successful form of entertainment, and just as any other organization would they look for ways to increase their viewership by targeting younger demographics. The issue is WWE has had a history of doing inappropriate things to please their main demographic which are 18-34 year old men. In another article by (The Sports Journal - Matthew J. Bernthal) He says that “ Pro wrestling, and in particular the WWE, actively and successfully targets the coveted 18- to 34-year-old male demographic, with its ample disposable income.

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The industry does this by filling television programming and live events with ever-increasing amounts of the sexual and violent content that is clearly attractive to a large number of young males. Recent WWE programming, for example, has included oral sex on a wrestler by a transvestite, attempted castration of a wrestler who is portrayed as a porn star, necrophilia by a wrestler named Triple H, baring of breasts in the ring at live events by female “valets” (or “divas” in WWE terminology), and the use during matches of sledgehammers, metal folding chairs, garbage cans, quantities of thumbtacks, and even the proverbial kitchen sink. Needless to say, blood is spilled liberally and regularly. WWE divas regularly wrestle in sexually themed matches.

In a “bra and panties” match, the first to strip her opponent to her undergarments is the winner; in a “paddle-on-a-pole” match, the diva who can subdue her opponent long enough to climb a pole in the ring corner and retrieve a paddle placed on top wins the match and uses the paddle to spank her opponent.” Now imagine a 7 year old kid watching all of these things thinking it's entertainment ment for his age meanwhile it's for 18-34 year old men. WWE have tried to convince parents that they are broadening there shows to kids by making wrestler action figure toys but that still doesn't change the fact that the children watch all these mature things that is clearly not for their age.

History of WWE’s Violence

Throughouts WWE’s history their wrestlers have been known to do extremely dangerous stunts such as: Starting fires in random places like tables and ladders and throwing their opponents on them, Bringing out melee weapons like chairs, sledge hammers, wrenches, pliers and crowbars.

In a video by (“Gujjar Gaming - Most Dangerous Matches in WWE History, 2018”) you see all these painful events i have just mentioned. The video starts of with a wrestler throwing another wrestler on mat of pins and needles. There are clips of wrestlers throwing their opponents into fire, off of high buildings, into walls and throwing them on ladders from high spots. In one of the clips you see wrestler Triple H torturing his opponent Batista by clipping his fingers with pliers and proceeds to remove one of batista's piercings with the pliers. After that he grabs a chair and continuously hits his opponent with it.

Deaths that have Occured in the WWE Industry

There have been so many deaths that have occured to extreme violence that has happened in the WWE. Over 11 WWE Superstars have been killed in this industry in both on and off screen.

People have to realize that the WWE is not all sunshine and happiness. People need to know that, yes the wrestlers are there to entertain you and with that they gain extreme fame and fortunes but at the same time experiencing ultimate trauma and there careers might even be cut short. An article by (SportsSkeeda - 11 Terrible Deaths of WWE Superstars) gives a list of wrestlers that have died and how it happened.

Some of the Wrestlers from the List


He died due to an overdose of oxycodone just four days before his 34th birthday. It was later revealed that he was suffering from a chronic brain injury due to repeated blows to the head, which might have happened while wrestling.


Heart Attack, There were subsequent revelations that Umaga violated many of the WWE talent wellness policies and was using several drugs, which eventually contributed to his death.

Curt Henning

Hennig was found dead in 2003 due to cocaine overdose, and reports also suggested that the use of steroids and painkillers contributed to his death.

Jose Gonzalez

A promoter in Puerto Rico, stabbed Brody to death in the locker-room after an argument broke out between the two.

The deaths of these wrestlers have all to due with brain damages, heart attacks, and strong substance overdoses which is another reason why WWE has gone too far. People have been put under pressure and eventually get into drugs or dies of brain injuries years later from dangerous stunts.

In conclusion WWE isnt entertainment for little kids and is slowly becoming less of entertainment for adults. I think the WWE should find better ways to entertain people of all ages and stop putting too much pressure on their wrestlers to act crazy cause that will haunt them later in life.

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