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Sarath Ton and Her Effect Wrestling Techniques

Sasha Banks is one of the fiercest and most respected female wrestlers in the world. Fans and critics alike are in awe of her flamboyant fashion sense, her effect wrestling techniques, and the thrilling performances she always puts on in the ring. Before becoming a...

Is The WWE Industry too Violent to be Considered Entertainment

Introduction WWE has been on the top of their game for many years now and there have been so many controversies and debates on the fact of weather the WWE is fake or real, weather their superstars have actually died or just gone into retirement...

Muscles Needed for the Arm Wrestling Victory

Introduction In order for animals to be able to perform any type of movement, its body requires the use of muscles. The human body is composed of around six hundred muscles while only around forty through fifty percent of those muscles are skeletal muscles. In...

The Birth and Development of Wrestling Under WWE

The History WWE is not the only wrestling entertainment company in the world and this fact has been recognized by the fans and wrestlers all around the globe. There was a time when the entire professional wrestling business was synonyms to WWE (formerly known as...

The History Pro-Wrestling in the UK

Professional wrestling as it is today originated in the United States of America and took its time to make its way to the United Kingdom. It started in the USA in the late 1800s and took until the turn of the 20th century to make...

Wrestling – My Favorite Type Of Sport

Every year, most types of sports have a huge event that basically sums up the whole year before. For football (the NFL) it’s called the Super Bowl, for soccer it’s called the FIFA World Cup, for basketball (the NBA) it’s called the NBA Finals, and...

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