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Famous Indian Badminton League and Its Role

The IBL was a first of its kind initiative of the Badminton Association of India. Originally proposed by the Maharashtra Badminton Association, the League was commercially managed by a sports management company, Sporty Solutionz Private Limited. The idea was to make Poona (the original name...

An Importance of Foundation in a Play of Badminton

The fundamental badminton skills are essentially used as a foundation in a play of badminton; this can be from your stance to how you serve in a play of badminton. Making a habit of extensively practicing these techniques will immensely increase the development of your...

The Important Factors Needed for Badminton

Introduction Badminton is a famous sport in the world. It is a sport depends on speed, power and skills. Although you didn’t play this sport before. However, you also will hear Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei those top players in the world before. Before...

Jumping Test Values In Professional And Recreational Badminton

Badminton requires open and fast actions toward the shuttlecock. In athletes, key factors for physical sports are physical, mental and technique preparation. Physical preparation in any type of training includes the physical elements of sports such as mobility, flexibility, strength, speed and power etc, for...

The Fitness Strengths and Techniques in Badminton

Strenghts Fitness Component: The main component in badminton would be co-ordination. Co-ordination is the body parts working together within a system. This is to have a good depth to see where the shuttlecock would fall. As well as see, what level in which you need...

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