The Important Factors Needed for Badminton

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  1. Introduction
  2. Body Composition
  3. Flexibility


Badminton is a famous sport in the world. It is a sport depends on speed, power and skills. Although you didn’t play this sport before. However, you also will hear Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei those top players in the world before. Before the badminton appear. They have another sport like badminton, it’s call cricket. The rules still be keeping the ball in the air. It’s an original from for the badminton. Until 1890s, the England badminton association establish, and they set up a reliable rule for badminton. Nowadays, badminton competition can divide into five types, men single, men’s double, girl single, girls double and mix double. For the double games, the most part will focus on power and speed. Therefore, you can watch many smash shots in double games. For the single games, it mostly will focus on speed and skills. In the single game you can watch much meticulous skills and fake shots.

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First, the main purpose of cardiopulmonary endurance training is to improve cardiovascular health. Cardiopulmonary endurance is a measure of the ability of the heart to pump oxygen into muscles. Then the purpose of training is to make the cardiovascular system provide oxygen to the muscles during exercise. Doing aerobic exercise can increase cardiopulmonary endurance. Aerobic exercise can make your breathing quicker, make your heart rate faster, and extend exercise time.

You feel aerobics,The ability of the lungs to inhale oxygen from the air and transfer to the blood, enhance the ability of the heart to transfer blood to muscles through the circulatory system, increase the number and size of capillaries that transfer blood to blood, and the ability to remove lactic acid from muscles, When we work hard, lactic acid makes us feel burned. On the other hand, cardiopulmonary endurance is poor, but if you used to do the same amount of exercise in the past, you will become fatigued,Gasping more easily Debilitating,Cardiovascular disease attack rate may be higher,Endurance work is prone to fatigue,Slower recovery after exercise,last if your cardiopulmonary endurance is poor, when you doing aerobic exercise,you will feel so hard to breathe, improve your cardiopulmonary endurance to improve your body function, promote cardiovascular health.

Body Composition

Body composition is explanation for our body fat free mass to fat mass their ratio. Our body composition can divide into lean body mass and total body mass. Although badminton is a sport combine with speed, skills and power. So that the athlete uses to maintain their body composition to improve their performance. Let’s moving to how can we check our body composition. The easier way is calculation the universal formula to check your ideal body weight or BMI and compare with yourself. The difficult way should be using some machine to help, such as hydrostatic weighing or bioelectrical impedance analysis. Those way use to machine their mistake less than calculation for body weight. How can body composition to effect to badminton player. The first point is for speed. Badminton is a high speed and many changes direction sport. If athlete is high mass composition, they maybe can’t follow the high-speed competition and slowly to changes the direction. The second point is focus on power. In badminton the power not just product by muscle, it is a combination with muscle and body rotation. Therefore, they want to reduce the fat mass and increase the fat free mass to their body. So that they would have a much power for the smash or passive defense. Finally, I would discuss something way to maintain or improve the body composition. The first things are starting by the diet. The athlete should control diet without fired food or much salt food. The second point is they want to maintain their input and output to control their body weight. They can through more input to increase their fat free mass and increase their speed and power.


On the other hand, the flexibility is also important in badminton. A badminton player should have a good flexibility to cover all the things in badminton. Such as catch balls, smash, overhand or underhand stroke and returns, etc. Besides, a good flexibility can alleviate the probability of musculoskeletal injuries. Moreover, it is important for preventing the injury. Therefore, the players need to regular stretching to improve their flexibility.

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