Required Skills To Fulfill The Today's Workforce In The Future

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There is no doubt that technology has had a huge impact on humans. At some point, there is assumption that technology has the potential to reduce dependency on semi-skilled workforce and thus lead to unemployment among the workforce. However, many of us do not realize that technology is actually opening up new job opportunities, especially professional workforce but it requires certain skills to qualify someone for the job. Based on reports from the World Economic Forum, there are 10 skills needed to meet the job market by 2020.

Complex problem solving

Those who wish to remain relevant in the future of the market must have the skills to identify, evaluate and gather all relevant information to make choices and solve complex problems. There are four simple steps in solving problems; identifying problems, list down the alternatives, evaluate and defining alternatives to be used, and implementing the solutions.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the intellectual process in where the information obtained will be assessed, analyzed, and used through observation, experience or communication to determine what action to take. In a simple word, think wisely before act or making any decision. This means our mind is not affected by our emotion even if we have a situation that screwed up your mood.


Creativity can be defined as the creation of new ideas based on imagination and logic to make it happen. Sometimes they are not accepted by others, but believe that most successful individuals in the field are involved in their creative ideas. For example, Walt Disney was initially rejected by most publishing companies because of the animated character Mickey Mouse created by him was ‘not creative enough’ and too scary for girls, but you can see the influence of Mickey Mouse that is well known around the globe nowadays.

People management

The use of machines and robots in replacing human labor is seen growing, but some of the tasks or roles still require human labor. This is because machines and robots can be coded to handle work on analytical and mathematical skills, but cannot solve things involving leadership skills and humanitarian tasks.

Coordinating with others

Among the skills that every organization is looking for from the applicants is an excellent communication skill. Having a good communication between employees and management can help facilitate their respective assignments to achieve their shared goals.

Emotional intelligence

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The emotional control ability is the indispensable skill that can help to stay focused on doing something despite facing problems with other things. In addition, good emotional controls are also needed to assist the workforce at the management level in making decisions when the organization is in trouble.

Judgment and decision-making

Evaluation will affect the decision made in return for the results obtained. Due to the dumping of data and information that is readily available today, skills in evaluating and analyzing the information based on the data obtained are urgently needed by employees in decision making.

Service orientation

What is the point of service provided if they are not required by the user? The ability to analyze and identify the needs of users is crucial to ensure service is required by users. Not only that, the need to meet customer satisfaction also helps ensure that the services provided are relevant and always being searched by users.


The needs of the job industry requires the workforce who has the skills in negotiation is due to give a win-win situation that can benefit the parties involved besides having a good result. Organizations with skilled workforce in negotiations are also likely to maintain the organization’s survival in the industry.

Cognitive flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is a skill that helps you to see things from different perspectives so you can understand them just like other people’s thoughts. This skill will make it easier for a person to adapt with new environment more easily, able to solve complex problems creatively, and to understand things faster. These skills are indispensable in the future in keeping with the ever-changing technology shifts and market conditions that make the organization in line with the change to stay relevant.

As a conclusion, the transition of times that also leads to technological advancement from time to time influences claims on the skills required by the workforce. Therefore, Seed Business College is constantly focusing on improving the skills appropriate to students in line with the needs of the workforce to ensure they are able to continue the growing demands of the future 

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