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Income Inequality: Why It Stands in a Way of US Economy

Income inequality has been a point of discussion since the time of ancient Greek philosophers and is an increasing concern today for many Americans. Income inequality means that the money people earn is unevenly distributed among the total population. Personal income can be categorized in…

Raising Minimum Wage in Ontario: Negative Impact

Is raising the minimum wage the right move? Ontario is the second province to move from $11.40 per hour towards a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. According to News Ontario, “By October 2017, the general minimum wage will have increased by almost 70 per…

The Future Of Digital Currency Payments

Tap and pay method known to be convenient as we just literally “tap and pay” using the credit card or octopus card without keying in a PIN, especially for the octopus card does not require us to sign a receipt, which cost and time are…

An Incentive-Pricing Analysis Of Price-Cap Regulatory Regimes

Regulation is of paramount importance when there are natural monopolies in the society, since the existence of monopolies alone is costly to the society due to deadweight losses from mark-up pricing. Laffont (1994) describes regulation as two-fold using the incentive-pricing dichotomy and divided the regulation…

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