Power Of The Rich And Weakness Of The Poor

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Money equals power to some, but money can just cause trouble for others. People think that just because they got money that they can just do whatever they please. What people don't understand is that you can still ruin your life with or without money. In the book, ‘’The Collector’’ the man (also known as Frederick Clegg) was very scared and worried about his life and spied on this girl for a while until he finally got enough money to do exactly what he wanted. Wealth vs Poverty is a subject that is considered borderline taboo.

In John Fowles Novel, ‘’The Collector’’. Little, Brown and Company, back Bay Books, New York. Boston, London. 1963. Book. Clegg was raised poor and in an unstable home with his mother and no father. He was just a normal little kid that didn't have money or wasn't given everything he wanted. In the beginning of the novel Clegg was perceived to be undesirable to never amount to anything and live in the life of poverty. The novel can compare to many shows and many realistic moments and events. Like in the show ‘’Undercover Boss’’ the boss goes to his own businesses dressed as someone else and works there to see how everything is being runned. Later on the boss asks the people who are working about their life and how they have grown up. Some of the workers get very personal with their life stories and explain how they came from nothing and worked to the point where they actually have money and not poor. In the novel everything happens in a period of time, from when he watches her and follows her everywhere

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In the novel, Miranda was raised in a wealthy home, and never once suffered from hunger. Everything she wanted she got, but the fact that she was spoiled hindered her from seeing everybody else's perspective. In a real life setting Sally and Suzie O'neill think that just because they are rich they can have anything and treat others poorly. In John Fowles book ‘’The Collector’’. Miranda views the world somewhat like Suzie and Sally. They all think that they are better than everyone and anything in the world. Personally, I feel like people who are born with a rich family won't ever actually work for what they got mainly because of the fact that everything was handed to them. People who are born in a much less wealthy population are the most kind and respectful human beings because of the fact that they have to work to be where they are in the world. Poor people aren't handed anything in life except a choice on whether or not they wanna fight and better their lives or if they wanna give up and just be poor and suffer the rest of your life.

The phrase ‘rags to riches’ comes from how Bill Gates came from nothing to something. Bill Gates was once a poor little boy and didn't have anything handed to him, he worked for what he has and now he has become the richest man alive. He never once got handed anything in life, he was always told he wasn't gonna succeed or even become anything in life. God has a plan for everyone and he will give you choices whether to fail or to keep grinding and working hard to be the best you can be. This wasn’t the case for Clegg, although he was the type to always reach for what he wanted. He didn’t in this case, instead, he got lucky from gambling and he won money (that made him wealthy. As a result, this gave power and now he was able to kidnap Miranda after watching her for the longest time.

Miranda didn't notice that she was being watched, she also didn't know that she was fixing to get kidnapped by Clegg or by anyone. Miranda always thought she was the best out of everyone and turns out for the way she acted caught Cleggs attention for him to go and stock her till the day he had enough money to be able to go along with his plan that he had ready for the very moment he got the money. Citizens that are rich growing up because of their family are most likely the ones to never really work for what they have, they are most likely handed everything they want or need. People who grow up in a not poor but not very wealthy home, like a mid class type of family, always end up being the ones to work for what they have and for what they want.

Researcher Jonathan Mijs, a sociologist at the International Inequalities Institute said that ‘’inequality and belief in meritocracy may go hand and hand. The more unequal a society, the more likely people are to believe the rich have earned it.’’ Not everyone is born equal or with the same privileges as others but the United States has good jobs and good businesses to make money all you have to do is work. Being handed stuff in life is boring and no fun because of the fact that you won't learn anything or find out knew things.’’Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires,’’ that is a quote by John Steinbeck. Not everyone is born rich, and not everyone is born poor. Money does have a lot of power but at the same time you personally have control over the money whether or not you wanna save it and be smart if you want to spend it and be selfish. Many people use money as a chance to be in power or to have control over someone for example; people who are rich and have a lot of money and can literally use it for anything they want to use it for, like maids and all sorts of things. Some rich people put their self-needs aside and use their money for the good cause to donate and give money to those people in need, but that's very rare around here nowadays. Once Clegg got the money that he needed, he took advantage of it and, as a result, planned (or premeditated) and kidnapped the girl (Miranda) and locked her in the back of his vehicle with her hands tied with no way for her to escape.

In the final analysis, wealth can give an individual a great amount of power. But on the flip side, however, wealth can also drive people to commit rather the unspeakable or the unthinkable acts. What has been learned throughout the novel by John Fowles and the sources is that although wealth can have a positive impact on someone, it doesn’t mean that they are happy or satisfied with themselves or what they have (because money changes people), like Robin Williams. But there are also those types of rich people who are ungrateful or not pleased with where they’re at (and want more) and this happens because they will always have self-regards and over dignify themselves until their ambition leads to their downfall. Besides, being poor and having to earn everything by working hard is not a bad method to become wealthy. As a matter of fact, working for everything is a great method to become successful because it not only provides encouragement to those who are going through similar struggles, it also shows that not everyone can be born into wealth. Therefore, depending on the situation or the circumstances, rich people do not deserve what they have

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