Essay Samples on Habits

The Effects of Alcoholism on Health and Life

Alcoholism is very prevalent in today’s society. It has actually been prevalent for much longer, but now with more laws and research surrounding it, there are more reasons than ever to be concerned about alcoholism. Many people believe that alcohol should be used to have…

How Classical Conditioning Affects the Person's Habits

For this assignment I had to do some research on one of my habits that I developed through classical conditioning. This theory was discovered by a Russian physiologist known as Ivan Pavlov. The main research motivation was to study the role of saliva in dogs….

Habits as a Foundation of Work-Life Balance

As an adult and one whose aim is to keep their jobs and means of livelihood it is very easy to get sucked into the rollercoaster of a 9 to 5 which would be no problem if one actually gets off work – physically and…

The Glass Half Full: An Outlook On Life

Is the glass half full or half empty? Are you the optimist who is hopeful and buoyant about what awaits you, or are you the pessimist who is surrounded by despondency and insecurity. The division between the two psychological groups can manifest and mould your…

My Bad Habits In Conversation

During conversations whether it be formal or otherwise we as a society often display at least one of the habits listed in an article written by Kat Boogaard that clearly states that there are 8 bad communication habits we need to break immediately. After further…

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