How I Can Change The World and Make It a Better Place

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How can I change the world? One of the ways I can help change the world is by becoming a better person. There are many simple was one can do this, such as a simple smile, thank you, and other polite manners. Such a simple term we have heard tons of times, “to change the world you have to change yourself first. You have to change your mentality, your habits, and your actions”. Many people want to do something big but do realize you have to start small to get there.

Change your mentality. Introduce a new point of view into your life. Everyone is going through something and we need to try to accommodate for all. Many people can be very narrow-minded, which makes it hard to work with them. Being able to see other’s points of view can help you to become more empathetic. The more empathetic you are the easier it is to connect with others. When one is empathetic they can respond to other emotions more appropriately. If someone seems down about something, you could just try to change the subject and ignore the situation. More empathetic people would try to talk to the person, see if they can help them out, and give them support. Noticing the little things can make big changes in someone’s daily life and that is something we should strive to help do.

Change your actions. So many of us perform the action of comparing ourselves to others. This action can be so diminishing to our self esteems. In the moment of making a comparison, we do not realize that perfection is an illusion. Most people on Instagram try to make their life seem perfect. Only posting at certain times with certain people with certain things. It is all to create the perfect picture that everyone should be jealous of. When we compare we also start to feel the need to be just like the person we compare ourselves to. We want to waste our money away just to follow their trend. Once we stop comparing ourselves to others we can learn to be more genuine. “Generosity is a natural confidence builder” (Huff Post). Confidence is key. Once we have it stop feeling the need to compare ourselves to others helping us gain a more positive mentality.

Change your habits. We need to be more cautious about our surroundings. We do so many little things throughout the day without even thinking. Good or bad habits we still have them. Here are two different habits. If we see someone in the hallway we look up and keep walking, this could be an example of a not so good habit. Here is where we should start to make our change. Smile at them. Hopefully, they smile back and think to themselves, wow, she seems nice. This little act could make that person’s day, and completely shift their mood to be more positive. After we have just smiled at them they may continue to smile at others down the hall and help create positive energy throughout the day. A domino effect. A good habit to obtain. Once you make a change to your mentality, habits, and actions, you can focus on other, bigger changes to the world. Through positivity, we can better each other making the world a better place.

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