Essay Samples on Optimism

Philosophy and Optimism In Novel 'Candide'

The story of Candide was nothing short of dark, minorly humorous, and also action filled. The theme that really seemed to resonate with me the most though was optimism. I know this is essentially the title of the novella, but the theme was so prominent…

Optimism as an Organizational Behavioural Concept

Introduction This research aims to investigate and review the Organizational Behaviour element which is “Optimism”, in order to relate and apply to the daily work and life. This topic is a very important concept that should be developed by theory and practice in management. The…

Optimism as a Tool to Make Valuable Decisions

Optimism can be considered a dimension of personality leading an individual to expect positive events concerning his or her future. Firstly, this essay tries to describe optimism and its characteristics; secondly, it focuses on some of the most interesting studies that highlight the positive consequences…

Effect of Comparison Standard on One's Optimism Bias

In our daily life, we constantly evaluate the likelihood of possible future events in order to take decisions under uncertainty. However, we do not process the obtainable evidence in an objective and strictly realistic manner. Indeed, our reasoning is inherently subjective and contains systematic biases….

The Glass Half Full: An Outlook On Life

Is the glass half full or half empty? Are you the optimist who is hopeful and buoyant about what awaits you, or are you the pessimist who is surrounded by despondency and insecurity. The division between the two psychological groups can manifest and mould your…

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