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Cafeteria Dining: Location Determines Cleanliness 

Abstract The idea of the following experiment was to find out whether the chairs and tables in one cafeteria, classified as Lower Caf, were more concentrated with bacteria than the chairs and tables in the other cafeteria upstairs, classified as Upper Caf. The hypothesis was...

Cleanliness Assessment Of Urban Streets With Mec And Dl

Abstract During the process of smart city construction, city managers always spend a lot of energy and money for cleaning street garbage due to the vast appearances of street garbage. Consequently, visual street cleanliness assessment is particularly important. However, the existing assessment approaches have some...

The Importance of Cleanliness and Its Contribution to Student's Mental State

Abstract Freshness, purity and neatness are called cleanliness. The present study will contribute new learning on states of mind of students towards cleanliness practices. The aim of research is to explore the attitude of students about cleanliness. The purpose of the research is to study...

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