The Importance of Cleanliness and Its Contribution to Student's Mental State

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Freshness, purity and neatness are called cleanliness. The present study will contribute new learning on states of mind of students towards cleanliness practices. The aim of research is to explore the attitude of students about cleanliness. The purpose of the research is to study the mentality of school students towards cleanliness. This study is meant to identify the behavior of students regarding different cleanliness practices. For this particular study 2 govt. high schools 1 male and 1 female will be selected out of 6 schools in Khanewal city. Students of 9th and 10th class will be total population. Then, 60 students from each school will be selected by simple random sampling technique. The total size of sample will be 120 students. A questionnaire will be prepared having five points Likert scale. Data will be collected from students. The results obtained by this investigation will be useful in determining the knowledge level of students towards cleanliness.


Cleanliness is health, beauty, absence of obnoxious order and avoiding the spreading of dirt in the surrounding or environment. School assumes an important part in developing the youth of a nation. As students are the precious assets of a country so cleanliness attitude is necessary for them. Cleanliness must be beneficial for students because of good health they do best for their nation because they are the index of a nation (UNESCO, 2006).

According to Islamic point of view the l word that is used to show cleanliness is 'Tahara.' The Word Tahara has been got from the Quran which means bathing with water and other purifying operators. It means refining those things that are seriously acknowledged as unclean. Cleanliness provides unfriendly condition from sins. Divine religions have put awesome significance on the cleanliness of the body and water. Islam stresses on physical and profound cleanliness of mind and soul. Islam gives strong gospel about cleanliness which human still tries to reach. Cleanliness is one of the fundamental beliefs of Islam. It is acknowledged as half of the faith (al-Nadhofah Min al-Iman). Students have consistently been encouraged to adopt cleanliness. If the we want to please God, we should be clean. God Almighty says in the Quran, 'God cherishes the individuals who tum to Him in apology. He adores the individuals who purge themselves' (Kascular, 2006).

Cleanliness is inborn in individuals. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: cleanliness is the key to prayer. A person cannot perform prayers without cleanliness of his body. Fasting relieves immoral and sinful thoughts from the soul and stimulates people to stay away from evil deeds and all types of dirtiness. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was the model of cleanliness. He preached cleanliness whole his life. He wore neat and clean dress. 'Keep your environment clean,' he said and therefore prompted us to keep the earth spotless and faultless. He wanted his followers to keep up the cleanliness of all places (Kuscular, 2008).

Cleanliness scores positive energies towards it. It can bewilder anybody. Cleanliness level turns out in the developed nations on account of the great nationals, thorough government rules. Cleanliness can be enhanced by high training level of the general population. A man with great abilities can change its surroundings. A developed nation always passes its best treasure of cleanliness to the coming generations. According to academic point of view, cleanliness is not the important element that firstly comes in mind but it has been shown that cleanliness has great impact on student’s performance. If people bring up in clean environment they will be healthy and talented. With a specific end goal to demonstrate our genuine potential all through the world we need to keep up cleanliness the whole way across the nation. It is the main thing which can gain regard in light of the fact that a major land influence and rich normal assets make a difference in the absence of cleanliness (Osward et al, 2008). Cleanliness comes at the top for a learning atmosphere in a school. Unclean and grimy conditions are fatal for student learning. If there lack of cleanliness in schools, it will affect the following areas: Health, Attendance and Focus. These are elements to affect students’ achievements. Negative consequences for health, participation and focus can check students’ capacity to perform effectively. In a clean and neat school student will have the capacity to perform without impacts on their health or focus (Snow et al, 2008).

Researches demonstrate a connection between school cleanliness and teacher accomplishments. There are chances of more achievement in a perfect school. Research also provides information that a clean school makes for a less distressing working atmosphere. The better a teacher plays out, the better his or her students will perform. A school's inside atmosphere, appearance and neatness send either a positive or negative message to students, teachers and staff (Berry, 2002).

School building plays an important role in students’ attendance and academic achievements. It is found that the states of school building anticipated both participation and scholarly accomplishment in the wake of controlling for other conceivable indicators like ethnicity, school size and teacher’s quality. It shows that an absence of neatness and cleanliness influences hyper-sensitivities. Lack of cleanliness spreads germs. Dirty environment builds bug and rat pervasion. Absence of cleanliness provides higher anxiety. There is a possibility that school building condition and cleanliness can influence students’ health and decrease their efficiency of working (Duran-Naruki, 2008).

According to the U.S. Ecological Protection Agency the absence of cleanliness can cause inability. This report expressed that: 'Proof keeps on poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause sickness and non-attendance from school. Research exploration additionally found that 78% of the students revealed that cleanliness affected their health (Compbell, 2008).

Need For the Project School building and its cleanliness plays an important role in student’s Health, Attendance and Academic achievements. This Research will be helpful in providing information about knowledge level of secondary school students towards cleanliness. This study will help the analyst to distinguish the issue of secondary school students towards cleanliness in Tehsil Khanewal. It will likewise accommodating to distinguish how cleanliness lifts up the identity of secondary school students. It will assist in collecting data to know and identify the behavior of students regarding different cleanliness practices. This examination proposes some reasonable measure to enhance data and appropriation of cleanliness abilities among students. The aftereffect of this purposed study will then help the future specialist for more research work about disposition of optional school students toward cleanliness. The data collected from this research will be useful to describe the impact of cleanliness on student’s personality and behavior. Overall, this research will be useful to provide information about importance of cleanliness on human mind, body and soul. It will also determine proper cleanliness habits among students that make them intelligent, healthy and efficient.

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General Objective

To analyze the attitude of secondary school students towards cleanliness in Tehsil Khanewal.

Specific Objectives

To identify the knowledge level of students regarding different cleanliness practices. To identify the behavior of students regarding different cleanliness practices. To assess the impact of cleanliness practices on student’s personality, performance and behavior. To suggest some viable measures to improve information and adoption of cleanliness habits among student.

Review of Literature

Hathaway, et al. (2002), investigated that what signals clean school building sends to the students who are learning there. Air quality, color and light, clamor and temperature effect psychologically student’s performance. Clean schools not just lower the risk of the spread of illness but additionally pass on a minding message to the students and teachers.

Hathaway and Warren (1988) stated that Cleanliness of schools is essentially critical. Students feel better going to clean classes, sitting in clean work areas and environment. Clean environment encourages students to work but on the other hand uncleanliness is a big hindrance on their way. Aning-Efendi (2000), demonstrated that there is a positive connection between learning of cleanliness and ecological cleanliness which affects states of mind. The consequences of this investigation gave decisive comprehension of the higher learning of nature and states of mind towards ecological cleanliness.

Berry (2002), expressed there is an association between ecological quality, solace, health and prosperity. He described the association between inspirational attitude, conduct and larger amounts of instructive learning. Disregarding where a school is found, a solid and clean school environment is agreeable and secure from threat. It transmits a feeling of welfare and sends a minding message. These clean and solid school situations are the signals to a high and shining learning instructive foundation. Effectively dealing with a clean school condition is a mandatory and prominent instructive speculation. Research continuously demonstrates that there is a justifiable connection between natural nature of schools and instructive learning: The nature of the school atmosphere developed manners of students, teachers and staff.

Berry (2002), indicated that there are a few check out for assessing ecological and instructive learning in schools. We can look at temperature, humidity and noisiness. We can check out at cleaning effectiveness and sanitation levels particularly for microscopic organisms. We can look at health and mishap reports. Instructively we can look at long term scholarly accomplishment in math and reading, which can be achieved by cleanliness. We can likewise look at absence of students in view of the school condition. We can look at teachers’ mentalities and maintenance which improve due to cleanliness. The school and its instructive procedure rely upon a domain that is clean, beguiling and agreeable. It is open and free of noise. Charles Young Schools has been presented his views that schools which show proper cleanliness and neatness give good result and best student performance.

Hathaway and Warren (1988), expressed there is a close link between human education learning and cleanliness. Yakob, et all. (2012), also suggested that a proper waste management is needed to ensure the protection of the environment, human health and cleanliness. Campbell, et all. (2008), stated that there is a correlation between the levels of cleanliness and students performance. A different old report entitled Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education, was directed by Jeffrey Campbell. He demonstrated that the level of cleanliness directly affects the capacity to learn. Sen and Behera (2015), stated that neglecting to guarantee the cleanliness of a building can detrimentally affect the health. Uncleanliness can also affect prosperity of the individuals who utilize it. Within any open building especially where youngsters are concerned, it is important to guarantee that critical time and assets are put into the cleanliness of the building. Hines (1996), contemplated eighty-eight urban secondary schools in Virginia to look at the connection between the states of school offices. Ejemot, et al. (2008), made survey of the viability of hand washing promotion in decreasing diarrheal ailment underscores the capability of hand washing and promote cleanliness attitude. Edwards and Maureen (1992), make a study in the District of Columbia school system that shows a link between school conditions and students achievement. Students in poor building conditions had six percent low achievement level as compared to that school which have fair condition. It also shows the students in excellent building condition has eleven percent high achievement level as compared to poor building school.

Baunee (2015), stated that if you appeal hundred students whether they would like spending a lot of their time in a fresh-smelly, clean environment or an unclean, dirty, grimy building, probabilities are acceptable that all students would choose the first. Each student has his or her own idea of what cleanliness is, although, almost all would readily accept that an environment clear of dust, garbage and rubbish is acceptable to the unpolished alternative. Upon entering a school building or a restroom, the cleanliness level and any identifiable scents are the foremost things an individual observe.


A set up state of mind or feeling about somebody or something, normally one that is repeated in a man's conduct is called attitude.


Cleanliness implies that there is no grime, no stains and no awful stenches. Cleanliness is freshness, tidiness and virtue. The objectives of cleanliness are health, magnificence and absence of unappealing scent. Cleanliness maintains a strategic distance from the spreading of dirtiness and contaminants to oneself as well as other people.


This study will be conducted in tehsil Khanewal. For this particular study 2 govt. high schools 1 male and 1 female will be selected out of 6 schools in Khanewal city. Students of 9th and 10th class will be the total population. Then, 60 students from each school will be selected by school to school easy random sample method so that make a sample of 120 students. A well-organized interview schedule will be flourished for collection of data after consultation with supervisory committee. Many data collection techniques are accessible that may reside interviews, focus groups, observation and questionnaire. Research instrument will be pre tested personally by the researcher on the students which will be a component of selected data collection sample to check its reliability and validity. Data will be collected through questionnaire and analyzed by using statistical package for social science (SPSS).

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