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The Magic of Genuine Friendship

Friendships Life is an exciting adventure when you have somebody to rely on, to go out with and have good laugh with, even better when you’re able to share secrets and life experiences, to be able to pour your heart out to that person is...

Having a Few Close Friends Is Better

Whether it is better to have many friends or a few close friends is up to everyone’s point of view. Everybody can have all the friends they would like, but not everyone’s a true friend of yours, people who really want to be your real...

Envy And Jealously Between Woman In Roman Fever

It is generally agreed today that Friendships, who like and dislike the same things, that is indeed true friendship. But it is true? Friendship can share everything but when it comes to what you love most, it seems that friendship is in danger of breaking...

Survival Of The Fittest

Matcha is all the rage today. In fact, this frothy and earthy powdered drink originating from Japan can be considered a staple in various countries today. With its effective dose of caffeine designed to perk up any consumer, these beverages are slowly finding its way...

You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Neighbors

In 2010, Prime Minister Tony Abbot echoed the voice of his predecessor Kevin Rudd in his plight for a new assessment of the resettlement policy – no one would be settled if they came by boat. Although this was a small gimmick from the electorate...

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