Essay Samples on Vegan

Going Vegan: The Best Substitutes for Meat and Dairy

Delicious Alternatives to Meat & Diary Most people would admit that they see the immense benefits of a vegan lifestyle in regard to how much it would improve their health, benefit the environment, and save the lives of countless animals; however the biggest concern for…

Analysis Of Gary Yourofsky's Speech About Veganism

The title of Gary Yourofsky’s speech carries a strong claim: “Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear”. This speech addresses every aspect and reason that would lead someone to veganism. It was delivered to a class at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010. The speech goes on…

Harmless Space Travel - Vegans In Space

The vegan diet has been around for over 2, 000 years. However, being vegan is as convenient as it has ever been. Personally, it is a life changing decision that has many benefits to your body and the environment. There are hundreds of options to…

Vegan Gains Biography

It was on the 26th day of June 1991 that vegan bodybuilder was born in Canada. The Canadian launched his YouTube channel in December 2014 with a self-introduction in a video named Why a Bodybuilder Became Vegan after he went vegan in 2011. Since then,…

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