A Lot of Conflicting Ideas About the Vegetarian Diet

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Humans create inventions to solve a certain issue. where if an issue occurs then a person would start to think of solution to this issue and therefore this person called an inventor. An invention is something that would have influence in the living style to the better direction. Where it would make life easier and would help people not worry about the issue that the invention has solved and convert into other issues occurring. If a certain invention created in a time prior to its time a lot of changes would have occurred to the better or to the worst. That is a question that I asked myself while drafting this essay. 

The author is someone from the middle east, where vegetarianism is not common, so what if it were there since the 1960s. although plant-based foods existed since many years but this essay would be only concerning the spread-ness of this knowledge in the world especially in the middle east. Wondering What would have happened, what would have changed. The first paragraph would be discussing the meaning of vegetarianism. Then the author would start to verse into the thought of having this diet spread like nowadays in the 1960s or earlier and what effects would it have. Finally, the author moves to the huge span of people know it in these days.

Vegetarianism is when one stop eating meats and depend more on plants. On the other hand, veganism one not only do not eat meat, but one stop eats any product produced by animals including milk cheese and honey too. Vegans also do not wear any animal products like leather, silk, and fur. Both diets offer similar health benefits and encourage people to eat more antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense whole foods.

It is exceedingly difficult to choose between the two diets, but because vegetarianism dose not replace all animals produce and still benefits the good fats and minerals in them it is the better choice for most people. One of the most important things that the vegetarians cared about is that any of the animal’s products bought are from the local market where they would not be harmed like the industrial business. So, people can enjoy honey, eggs and many other things without feeling the guilt of the process of getting it while not risking going out of the vegetarian diet.

The vegetarian food has changed the game plan for many of the people. When someone decided to become vegetarian, many of changes would occur throughout their lives. For example, nowadays if someone chose to be vegetarianism the biggest difference would start to feel an energy boost. this is actually something that was tested by a lot of people, where in some time this year a huge challenge got popular on YouTube where people try to go vegetarianism for a week and see the changes. 

Most the ones who tried it said that they got a huge energy boost because when your vegetarianism one would plan your meals and make sure that everything is plant based. That is something that not all meat-eating people do due to the fact most eat everything so no need to make sure their eating the correct. But when It comes to vegetarianisms, they are healthier than meat eaters, but a few might argue compared to veganism.

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It was time where people had unpleasant habits. And healthy lifestyle was not the concern of the people due to the fact it was a time where people where trying to build a life after the world war I and world war II whipped the world. No one cared about lifestyle as they just wanted to set up a new life system. Therefore, whither a healthy lifestyle back then was introduced could have changed the condition of the old people nowadays is what the author is trying to discuss in this paragraph. If they have been exposed to a vegetarianism, then enormous numbers of the elderly at the moment will not be carrying the number of diseases they carry now. 

Assuming that the old people in 1960s would have given the same outcome on the spreading on vegetarianism like present-day, many changes would have occurred. Based on a study made in 2017 where they took 49 adults aged from 35-70 who were overweight/obesity, also have at least one of: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels. Half were exposed to only vegetarian food and the other half were exposed to normal food with meat. In the first six months, they were assessed. The group that only ate vegetarian food had a significant reductions, comparing to the other group that had normal meals with meat, in body mass index and cholesterol levels.

The changes that happened might not be huge, but in the long term they could be life changing. A 2019 review proves that a plant-based diet may help in a number of health issues like lower cholesterol levels, improved blood pressure and blood flow, better blood sugar control, a lower risk and even reverse of atherosclerosis, and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation. If those type of improvements were detected in the present, then if plant based diets were displayed to all people in all countries with different ethnicities and backgrounds then maybe there was a chance for them to have better living styles with healthier bodies. With vegetarianism comes an exceptionally good lifestyle. 

A report on plant-based food noted that a child raised on vegetarian diet has relatively same weight and height as an adult as a person who started the same diet much later in his or her life. That states that vegetarianism does not affect the growth of a person. That same report also said, “Vegetarian children and adolescents have lower intakes of cholesterol, saturated fat and total fat and higher intakes of fruits, vegetables and fibre than their peers.” 

In the Arab culture where meats are an important part of it, there is a substantial number of older people that have a vast number of medical conditions that a caused mostly from bad eating habits. In these days vegetarian food is becoming a huge deal and more people are being introduced to it. It is becoming very famous. Now a lot are trying to become more vegetarian. 

The author’s grandmother is 85 years old and she has a handful of medical conditions including cardiac problem and diabetes ,which are both considered nowadays a common disease in my country due to the enormous numbers of people that have them, but one can see that she is trying to change that because it is never too late. She is trying through have food in a healthier choice and doing sports more often like swimming. She told the author once “We women had to take care of our children that we never thought about our health. 

As a mother would put her children first, and I did, but now its time to take care of my health.” Once a physio therapist never believed she was 85, therefore if she would have been on this diet from earlier time then her condition could be better. It has not only the author’s grandmother tries, her friends from the gym also do try their best as such an old age, and they are not the only ones in the author’s community. So once more, if vegetarianism were spread like now in 1960s and older, a number of disease could not be existing and also some that did not have any cures yet could have been found a cure for till now.

Vegetarian food helps in so many things. Weight loss is usually what makes people get more into healthier lifestyle and better diets and then that leads to being introduced to vegetarianism. Like stated before most vegetarians feel more energetic when deciding to start a plant-base diet, and most importantly one would become healthier. However, on the other hand almost all people older than 50 years have a medical condition in the middle east. One of the biggest medical conditions that have become quite common even amongst the youth is Degenerative disc disease. Allot other different illnesses caused by the reputation of the bad habits that we learned from our parents and our parents from their parents.

To conclude, there is a lot of conflicting ideas about the vegetarian diet. There is no to this day enough studies and reviews about withier this diet would have a big effect on one’s health and lifestyle. Despite that, this essay tried to cover the aspect upon if vegetarianism was vastly spread in the world in the 1960s or earlier would people’s life changed, would it affect them in any way.  

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