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Common Childhood Illness: Treatments and Exclusion Periods

When working with young children, practitioners need to be aware of common childhood illnesses, the signs and symptoms and how to treat children when they become unwell. Common childhood illness includes a common cold, asthma, chickenpox, hand foot and mouth, meningitis, whopping cough, conjunctivitis, and...

Human Experience of Illness and the Key Role of the Environment

The key goal of the healthcare facility is to offer a environment where the sick will be at ease and to enable their body to regenerate. There are three principles for a healthy environment: seen, unseen, and storied environments. These ideas give us a deeper...

The Effects of Illness Perceptions on Treatment-Seeking Behavior

The journal, “Making sense of posttraumatic stress disorder: Illness perceptions among traumatic injury survivors,” studies the effects of illness perceptions on treatment-seeking behaviors after a traumatic injury. It states “According to the commonsense model of self-regulation, illness related perceptions can influence coping responses, including the...

Breaking the Stigma: Overcoming Mental Illness Stereotypes

Mental illness has a long history of being stigmatized in societies around the globe Mental health stigmaTrusted Source refers to societal disapproval, or when society places shame on people who live with a mental illness or seek help for emotional distress, such as anxiety, depression,...

Exploring the Relationship Between Illness and Identity

In this essay I will be exploring the relationship between illness and identity, drawing on specific examples documented in the article ‘Disrupted lives and threats to identity: The experience of people with colorectal cancer within the first year following diagnosis’, by Gill Hubbard, Lisa Kidd...

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