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An Act of Helping Someone - Blood Donation

Whilst you may have numerous other reasons for doing philanthropy. Have you also thought about, is it good or bad donation. First off, what is right/good charity. An act of helping someone without expecting anything in return, at a right place and time, to a...

Impact Of Mobile Applications On Blood Donation Process

Abstract There is extensive research in the field of blood donation. Blood donation is an honorable and humane act. Technology has been spreading its root everywhere in almost every field around the world. The medical field is also full of the application and implementation of...

Importance to Increase Awareness for the Voluntary Blood Donation

Blood is perhaps the most significant resource a person needs to survive. Human blood is an essential component of human life and there are no substitutes to it. Availability of safe blood and blood products is a critical issue in improving health care. And it...

The Complicated Procedures of Blood Transfusions and Donations

People around the world are in need of help and as a community or nation united, are the ones for the job. About two centuries ago, life expectancy was between 30 to 40 years of age and many human beings would not live for long...

The Motives and Encouragement to Promote Blood Donation

The motivational quotes and stories form these applications encourage everybody to give blood. In addition to the fact that they receive for the most part a bar of chocolate or a canned brew as a reward a while later, yet it has medical advantages for...

Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Factors Associated with Voluntary Blood Donations

Abstract Voluntary donation of blood being a common lifesaving practice all over the world helps in the attainment of the needs required to overcome the growing demands. Blood donated voluntarily plays a greater role in saving lives of people who lose large volumes of blood...

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