An Act of Helping Someone - Blood Donation

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Whilst you may have numerous other reasons for doing philanthropy. Have you also thought about, is it good or bad donation. First off, what is right/good charity. An act of helping someone without expecting anything in return, at a right place and time, to a worthy person? And yeah, if it’s with expectation, its bribe. Similarly if an unworthy person gets the donation it will be considered an act of contempt. This is the reason, people fear that we might be taken advantage by the one who have no compunction by the ones who have no real need for charity. But is that the only why we don’t donate.

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Most of us complain our situation, lack of resource, lack of opportunity and various other reasons or should I say excuses and unwillingness to show kindness to others. Few reasons that we give and my probable way to do our good deed. Lack of resources: How many times have we felt bad for a real need of somebody and said to ourselves I don’t have money to give. But when it involves blood donation to be made, we chicken out. No money required in this case, also it doesn’t have to be our close ones.

Lack of opportunity: This way we can fool our self and everyone around us very easily. How many of us have enrolled ourselves in the organ donations scheme conducted by our local government. With today’s medical facilities, do you know how many things we can do even after we die? We can love through heart transplant, we see light through our eyes, breathe & fill air again into our lungs and continue to drink & digest with our kidney and liver. Many believes in religion believes in life after death. Science as given us the chance to experience that. Live and Let Live, Please Donate your Organs.

Our present situation: We all say we have family responsibilities, bills to pay, dependents to feed etc. but surely we can spend some time at least in our organizations corporate social responsibility (CSR) team and do few community services. Or whenever there a charity box kept at your office reception for old dresses to be shared or crackers on a Diwali week, we can do this right. Many more reasons/excuses and there are corresponding solutions to continue with our charitable mindset, if we have one. Charity doesn’t have to be always about money.

With growing crime and scam rate, I’m sure everyone will be apprehensive about donating. IMO we should just do our bit and care less about scammers. End of the day, if we stick to the cause that we believe in and if the act of kindness make us feel warm inside, that day we remain most memorable in our life forever. My penultimate point is enjoy the world around us, touch peoples heart with our munificence.

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