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Organ Shortage and the Need for Organ Donation in Canada

At only 57-years-old Ontario resident Matin Khan was left to fight excruciating pain as she slowly became paralyzed, following her mission to find a kidney in Pakistan, which quickly went wrong. After she returned to Canada, the donated organ became infected and swollen, causing fluid...

EU Compatability in Cross Border Philanthropy

In an age of connectivity, instant news whether fake or fact, cross boarder philanthropy and social investment is becoming ever more mainstream. This at a time of heightened scrutiny of anti money laundering practices and spotlight on charitable activity. Lines are becoming increasingly blurred as...

The Future of Fundraising and Philanthropy

Abstract In this paper, seven specific questions regarding the future of fundraising will be answered and discussed through outside research. Questions that will be discussed and answered include, Who will replace the Greatest Generation as the most generous benefactors? What ethical challenges will fundraisers face...

Li Ka-Shing and the Dark Side of Charity Donations

Many rich people in today’s society are committed to living the best life, but they are also known for having charitable foundations to give back from their successes. From this, there are many ethical and moral principles displayed. I do believe in giving to people...

Crowdfunding, Its Aim And Objectives

Background Information Crowdfunding became quite popular recently but this fund raising platform has existed since 1700s. This can also be said to be a method which aids in financing a product or project. This implies in most cases that all individuals companies or people which...

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