Essay Samples on Personal Finance

Research On Insurance Law In Relation To Medicine

Introduction I chose insurance law for several reasons: I work in the healthcare industry; I am a civil service employee for the State of Michigan and plan to promote within state government administration; these areas of insurance law will help to advance my knowledge in…

Benefits And Risks Of Off-balance-sheet In Banking

Off-balance-sheet activities refer to activities that are not included in the banks’ balance sheet but can affect the bank’s current profits and losses of business activities. In a financial aspect, off-balance-sheet activities have a narrow sense and a broad sense of meaning. From the narrow…

How Having No State Income Tax Benefits The People Of Texas

In our nation today, taxes are what represent the people and our government. Political standings also rely tremendously on the viewings of taxes. Having these taxes are very important because it is what shapes our state into what it becomes. It is beneficial for the…

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