Essay Samples on Credit Card

Report on Bank's Credit Card Financial Plan

The bank our group choosing which is AmBank, they offered about a total of 22 credit card such as AmBank True Visa Card, AmBank Visa Signature Card, AmBank World MasterCard and so on. The credit card most used of AmBank’s customer which is AmBank Carz…

Investigating Credit Card Fraud Detection

Motivation: In present days payment systems are changed into online transactions. There are many types of online payment method like e-cash, credit card, internet banking etc. Credit card is one of the best method for online payment. Credit card is a plastic card which is…

Recovery from Credit Card Debt and Loan

According to the New York Times, Britons owe a total of £72.5bn on credit cards with £400m added to balances in November alone, new figures show. Each household in the UK now has an average of £2,688 unpaid on credit cards, one of the most…

Fraud Analytics & Data Science

Fraud Analytics is considered as one of the popular domains of Data Science. With rapid advancements in the technology, financial scams are growing dramatically with far consequences in online transactions. Identifying fraudulent activities in credit card transactions has number of challenges which comprises large amount…

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