Essay Samples on Anxiety

Anxiety and Uncertainty Management Theory

Anxiety/ Uncertainty Management theory, was created by William B. Gudykunst to define how humans communicate successfully based on their anxiety and uncertainty in social situations. William B. Gudykunst believed that in order to have successful intercultural communication a reduction in anxiety/ uncertainty must occur. In…

Meditation as a Tool to Alleviate Anxiety

The objective of this study was to recognize the cerebrum components supporting care reflection (meditation) related to the alleviation of anxiety. They conjectured that care contemplation would be more successful at diminishing anxiousness than (ATB) because care reflection would enroll instruments related to the controlling…

Anxiety Disorder And Stigma Revolving Around It

An increase in anxiety disorder, depressive disorder and substance abuse disorder in young people has been noticed by many and this led to great concern as the situation is expected to become dire in the near future. Not only are the numbers increasing, but stigma…

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