Essay Samples on Anxiety

Meditation as a Tool to Alleviate Anxiety

The objective of this study was to recognize the cerebrum components supporting care reflection (meditation) related to the alleviation of anxiety. They conjectured that care contemplation would be more successful at diminishing anxiousness than (ATB) because care reflection would enroll instruments related to the controlling…

Learners’ Anxiety Toward Speaking Skill

According to their perceptions, lack of effort was observed to grow repeat EFL learners’ anxiety toward speaking skill. Salima, Zahira, and Anissa (2015), found out lack of practice to be one of the most prominent factors of failure in speaking among the EFL students. Moreover,…

Remedies From Anxiety And Other Depressive Disorders

Anxiety and other depressive disorders are persons with or without dementia are the most communal types of human mental illness. It is associated with an unpleasant state of tension, apprehension, night-time awakenings and subordinate neuropsychological performance. Stress, which is a crucial element of existing healthcare…

The Causes And Different Types Of Anxiety

In his initial assessment of anxiety, Sigmund Freud believed that anxiety was triggered by unfulfilled libido. However, as time passed by, he refuted this claim as he found a more in-depth understanding of anxiety. He was able to identify that anxiety was not the result…

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