The Causes and Factors Contributing to Major Psychological Disorders

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Many people suffer from a psychological disorder, it is also called a mental disorder. A Psychological disorder is a composition of psychic and behavior feature that can affect someone’s life in a certain section and causes pain for that person, it overblown the mind or the brain. Some people have it, but they scared to let others know that they have a mental disorder, so they stay with it and never get treatment. There are some diseases that are easy to discover to know when someone is suffering from a mental disorder and some are not visual enough to discover, they damaged the brain inside. Psychosis and neurosis are the main diagnoses that can describe the level of psychological disorder. According to ( articles) “The breakdown of traditional divisions between psychosis and neurosis has been the horizon for some time). Environment, culture and also childhood play a big role in Psychological disorder; it affects people’s life and their perspective on things. The behavior feature related to mental disorder isn’t unusual, the disruption of biological and advancing processes are usually the outcomes of psychological disorder. A psychological disorder that happens naturally centralize on our RNA (ribonucleic acid) while our society considered it as a disease. It is extremely difficult for a person who suffers psychological disorder to live a happy life like other people because it has a big impact in the brain that physical, mentally and emotionally changes everything about a normal person. There are several types of psychological disorder that can affect humans being and cause depth.

First anxiety disorder is one of the types of psychological disorder. It is a feeling of distress and severe anxiety. According to the presenting psychology book, the yearly rates of the percentage of anxiety disorder are 18.1% in the U.S population (pg483). The amount of people suffering from an anxiety disorder is increasing, the group of anxiety disorder involves panic attack, panic disorder and also social anxiety disorder. A panic attack is as dangerous as someone having a heart attack depend on the situation the person might feel suffocation and perspire at the same time. For example, a person who scared of a lion if that person sees the lion is approaching that person would have severe panic and probably would not be able to run or do anything else. The moment the lion appears that a person can become unconscious or have a serious problem. A panic disorder caused by the panic attack is unexpected severe fear. People who have a social anxiety disorder usually think it is hard to communicate with others because they scared that people might judge them. The excessive panic isn’t justified, although being insulted by others is not an out of harm’s situation. People who have a social anxiety disorder often have fears in everything they do such as eating and talking in public. People who have an anxiety disorder are often having fears in everything they do such as eating and talking in public.

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The second type of psychological disorder is depression. It is an illness that can affect someone’s life and change them. It affects the body, depression disorder usually causes heavy headaches or migraine, and it also makes the body feels tired. It affects the way we think people who have depressive disorder tend to feel isolated, highly depressed, culpable and moody, mentally distracted with death or suicide most people think that they’re depressed when they are sad. However, depression is more than just sadness. Sadness itself cannot describe depression; it is a dangerous situation for people who continuously feel depressed and having all symptoms of depressive disorder. Depression isn’t healthy for anyone, it affects young, and adult at any age. People that are depressed should immediately go see a doctor to get treated; they need to get treated by a “Mental Health Professional”, they also need support by their environment before the depression get worst. According to ( page 480; ‘It is a real and serious health condition that affects more than 20 million American adults each year. Some people are resistant to get treated, the remedy doesn’t work well for them; they have to be patient until they get a result, the treatment-resistant known as ‘TRD’. Researchers have found a very effaces treatment for depression disorder it’s called “Esketamine nasal spray”; it helps a lot of people who suffer from psychological depression disorder. Major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder are two types of depressive disorder. Feeling unhappy and desperate is a depressed mood caused by the major depressive disorder, also make people feel lazy and affect their weight (gain or loss). For example, I remembered a friend that I had, her name was Tania. She was always depressed, and her family couldn’t understand her when they took her to a psychologist to evaluate her, she said that she felt tired all the time and she couldn’t focus in school. The psychologist asked her what was wrong, Tania said that her best friend passed away that made her feel depressed and she even planned to kill herself. From the book called presenting psychology ‘according to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 90% of people who commit suicide have a psychological disorder, usually depressive disorder and/or substance abuse disorder” (pg494). Major depressive can cause a person to take any crazy decisions thinking that’s the best result for their problem.

The bipolar disorder also called manic depression is the symptom’s that make a person feel over excessive about anything. People who are bipolar tend to have a lack of sleep, they become arrogant because of their high self-esteem, and their actions are aggressive and dangerous (physical agitation). According to the American Psychiatric Association (2013), ‘A family history of bipolar disorder is one of the strongest and most consistent risk factors for bipolar disorders’ (p. 130). Bipolar disorder can be genetic; even they haven’t found the real causes of it. People who suffer from these disorders need to consult a doctor to get help when the diseases get worst, it pushes them to commit suicide because they cannot take control of themselves and start to think that suicide is the way out of the situation. Bipolar disorder can disturb someone’s life and connections with others, specifically family members, friends, and couples. It is very hard for people with bipolar disorder to learn and study in school, because it affects their memory, and make difficult to memorize because they can’t concentrate and focus. Theirs is two different kinds of bipolar disorder: bipolar disorder 1 and bipolar disorder 2. According to the book of Presenting Psychology in Bipolar 1 Disorder, “episodes of mania that include an abnormally, persistently, elevated, expansive, or irritable mood and persistently increased activity or energy that is present for most of the day, nearly every day, for a period of at least one week” (p. 498) for example anyone who has bipolar disorder 1, contain a manic disorder. The book of presenting Psychology also present Bipolar Disorder 2 as ‘Repeated major depressive episodes (lasting at least 2 weeks), at least one hypomanic episode which must last for a minimum of 4 days. Both appearances of bipolar disorder have a noticeable impression of lows and highs.

To conclude, psychological disorders are caused by multiple reasons. There are many factors such as anxiety, depressive disorder, bipolar disorder forms, etc.… anxiety keeps people stressing and prevent them from living a normal life, while depressive disorder physically affects the body, introspection, and attitude, some people even commit suicide. Bipolar disorder affects the brain. People who suffer from these disorders start getting treatments to get a better life.

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