The Learning Skill of Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a serious problem that most people been facing, and other kids find it difficult to learn better in school. In this paper i will be talking more on people that have it, and thing that comes with this reading disorder called dyslexia. I will mention in my paper the risky fact of dyslexia, how it will affect families and the person itselves. Not only that but the learning skill of dyslexia, which sometimes they appears bright but does not read, write, or spell at the grade level. 

And the motor skill, which it includes poor handwriting or trouble in writing and copying. And i even talk more on how people that have dyslexia react and their behavior on language, reading skills and math as well too. Not only that but the sights that people with dyslexia have, starting from a young age all the way to being an adult. But last i will be talking about how we should treat dyslexia, and things that other people been doing to help with their disorder.

How reading disorder dyslexia can really affect children learning in school, and people ways of living. Dyslexia is a disorder that most kids and adult have it around the world, and some says it had made their lives totally different and difficult from other normal people and kids around the world. On this paper i will be talking about how dyslexia had affect children learning in classroom, and most adult on their everyday living.

What is reading disorder dyslexia? This is the first question that came to mind when i first got my topic. As i went in to my research i learn that children with dyslexia reading disorder will find it hard to recognize print words, have great difficulties sounding out unfamiliar words, and often read slowly. According to Alonso.S “as they grow older and become adult their situation get worse if they are not getting the help they deserve. There are actually a lot of sighs that show that you or anyone have dyslexia, like for some kids it can affect a child’s ability to spell and to form letters and numbers. It can also make it harder to organize thought on paper, which it lead them to a point that they are not good writers. 

Another one is the kids reading speed, can impact reading as well as many other areas of learning. Some kids who struggle with processing speed are slower to take in, processing and respond to information” (2013).I learn that some effects that a child will have if they have dyslexia it will make it harder for them to sort out sounds that they hear. This make reading difficult. This is the main problem that will make them have more problems with other subjects in school, like for examples kids with visual processing issues may complain of blurry vision or of letters. Some will may try to compensate by squinting or closing one eye in order to see clearly. 

They often reverse letter when writing and struggle to stay of the lines. Retrieved from Genetic and environmental influences. Journal of Experimental child psychology (73-94). In order for a dyslexic child to succeed to the best of his/her ability, intervention and treatment procedures need to be put into effect immediately after the diagnoses of the learning disability. Alonso.S “suggest extensive phonological awareness training for dyslexic children. They suggest extensive training in phonology because phonological awareness is the core area of concern for dyslexic children. 

This training can take on many different forms and variations. If parents and educators decide to adopt phonological training for a child, they need to choose a specific program that they believe will best benefit the specific child. This choice should not be easy and should take some careful consideration on the part of the parents and educators”(2003). This show us that having dyslexia is a serious problems among the children that have it.

Having dyslexia is really hard to overcome and it been putting a lot of family and friends of the victim in a very risky level. Like i mention before everyone that have this disorder always have very difficult way of living. And when I went deep in my research. I learn that most families had been affected by it, some families can’t take care of the child that have this disorder come from a family that parents that are alcoholic. So, this will be another major reason why families broke apart which will make kids that have dyslexia become fluster. Not only that kids that have this disorder even have that problem on expressing themselves to the world. 

Some kids have low-self esteem because they see themself as un-normal from other kids. Like for example, kids that have dyslexia have problem fitting in with other kids because they are scared that they will make fun of them because of their slow reading, and don’t respond normally like how normal kids do. And its proven that every individual that have this disorder always have problem expressing themself or understanding others. Not only that but they get frustrated with schoolwork, because they can’t learn the same level like how the normal kids do, they can’t even do the same work that is given to the other kids to do in class which leaves them in a risky level on their grades. So, dyslexia not only affect families and self-esteem of a kid but it put their education on a risky level too.

Now we are now going to talk about the learning skill of dyslexia. Dyslexia is disorder or illness that sometimes it can be very hard to spot at first, but if your child start going to school teacher are more likely the first one that might notice that a student may have dyslexia. Main reason why the teachers will be the first one that will spot it is because of the sighs and symptoms that a student shows in the classroom, especially if your child stuggles to read,spell,and follow instructions in the classroom. 

Dyslexia lifestyle or symptoms change at different ages and stages of life. Like i mention before each child or person with dyslexia is different, has unique strength, and faces distinct challenges. According to Nergård-Nilssen, T., & Hulme, C.“Children with dyslexia have trouble processing language. Preschoolers who have this learning disorder lag behind their peers in language skills. They take longer to speak and write than their friends, and they sometimes get their letters and words mixed up. Preschoolers with dyslexia may show signs like these:They find it hard to learn or remember the letters of the alphabet.They mispronounce familiar words. “Baby talk” is common. 

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They have trouble recognizing letters. For example, they mistake 't' for 'd.'They don't recognize rhyming patterns, like 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall / Humpty Dumpty had a great fall'( November 2014). Not only that but others symptoms that a child will have is when they were little, they may be early or late in crawling, walking or talking. This one of the symopos that parents should pay attention careful on if they want to know if he/her child may have dyslexia. And not only that but they always seems to not do very well in tests or quiz too, which I will be talking more about it later on this paper.

Now we are going to talk now about the motor skill for dyslexia. One of motor skill that dyslexia have is trouble with writing or copying; pencil grip is unusual; handwriting varies or is illegible. This means that they will literally have a lot of problems on copying things down by looking at the board or anything that includes them taking notes, or even writing them down. Since, we now know that some people with dyslexia have problem with hearing and sounding out the words. This will totally leads them into a lot of problems that is beyonded copying and writing down notes. Another motor skill of dyslexia it has poor coordination, meaning does not do well in sport, and basically don’t do well in motor-oriented tasks. Since, their minds are not well active, people that have this disorder will not be a athletic people as well too. 

Researches don’t really know why some kids that have dyslexia have poor coordination, but some have reason saying that they have problems with their hearing and vision skills. Some will say lack of muscles control called ataxia, others will say trouble with how the brain coordination called dyspraxia which most doctor approves on it, but for others they have muscles disease. Which main reason why most kids that have dyslexia avoid playing sport, and reason why other parents don’t force their children to play sport. Another main motor skill for dyslexia is may be ambidextrous, meaning they confuse with right and left. Good news about having ambidextrous that who ever have it, they can equally adapted to use two hands into doing anything. 

Such as writing in both left and right, and don't have a bad hand. But the bad thing about it, most people they will mixed up with which side will be left and which side will be right. That means that is they were to use a map to look for a location, they will be surely will be needing a help on telling them with side they should take is ride or left. Another motor skill that people that have dyslexia have is that hey are really good on hand experience. Meaning that they are good with fixing things, cooking even being a gardener.

Now that we already talked about ricky factor of dyslexia, and it’s lifestyle and motor skill. We are now going to talk more on the subject that people of dyslexia find it difficult and reasons why they have problem on those subjects. First off is language and reading skill. According Reading disorders and dyslexia : Current Opinion in Pediatrics.

“tracked the progress of the children from the three risk groups and controls at ages 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, and 8 years and used the data in a path model to investigate the causal relationships between language and literacy skills. At 3.5 years, a single language factor could be defined by performance on tests of vocabulary, grammar, conceptual understanding, repetition, and articulation (with repetition and articulation loading least well on this factor, possibly because they also tap speech processes)” (2016). Kids with dyslexia always have behavior towards language and reading skills, some say that they get dizzy, headache,or stomach ache when reading, especially when they are reading something that don’t please them or don’t read for pleasure. 

So, if kids with dyslexia force themselves to read something in their classes they are going to have a lot of difficult time, since they don’t read for pleasure. Another symbol that they show when it comes to reading and language, the shows transposition,addition, substitution, or reversals in letter, number, and words when reading or writing. Not only that they spell words incorrectly, and for them putting their thought into words is never easy for them. So, another skill they they will automatic lack in writing is writing. Since, they have problems in spelling words correctly and putting their own thought in words, their chances at writing will not be turn out the same result other kids have.

Math/numbers skills. People that have dyslexia have major problems with mathe and dealing with number as well too. First off all, they will have problem telling the time or be on time. People that have dyslexia have problem with telling time, because most of them will acually have a chance on mixing up the numbers. Like for example, most of them the mix number six with number nine because they look alike. Which will lead them to another reason why they can’t be on time on most of the time. 

Another problem that they will be facing in math is that they can do arithmetic but can’t do words problem, and really have problem on grasping or going on higher math. Because is due to a fact that they keep on mixing up the later, and they have poor memory for sequence. According to Alonso.S “especially small function words of language which do not have a meaning that can be easily pictured, or which have multiple meanings depending on concepts. They can also have difficulty with understanding concepts of time, sequence and order.If the child is asked to read that sentence on his own, he might additionally be confused by the numerals, especially 12, as there is a tendency to transpose numbers. 

That is, to a dyslexic, 12 may look the same as 21.In algebra, the same problem might be written as,4 x x = 12 — with the student asked to solve for the value of x.This is an improvement, as there are not as many words to make sense of – but it is still meaningless if the child does not know the meaning of the symbols x and =. Additionally, there is the added confusion of the similarity of appearance between the letter x, used to represent the unknown value, and the use of the x sign for multiplication. The problem with possible transposition of numerals in 12 also remains.” (2013). So, is proven that there is a possible way that people that dyslexia will not only mix up the words and the number but their is not enough space for them to always restore new information in their minds every time they come across on something new.

Now we are going to talk about signs of dyslexia that are found in children and adult. In a young age sighs for dyslexia would be easy to spot in their elementary years. Kids with dyslexia will have a harder time reading and writing, and teacher should spot them out of all the other kids in the class. Because they will read slower then all the other kids, and don’t read the level that their grade should read. And they have problems on telling differences between a certain letter and words, and sometimes they can’t connect with the sound they make like they sound “buh” for “b”, or even sounding “em” for “e”. 

Which this will make it harder for them to read and sounding out letter correctly while they read. Another main signs that a teacher can spot in a child if they have dyslexia is that they don’t really understand or can comperham what they a reading, which is another reason why they will write very slow. And not only that some kids that have dyslexia say that is they were to read a story, they see that either the letters are blurry or it keeps jumping around. Thats why is very important to get help on dyslexia in a very young age, because according to Vinegrad Michaels “ Kids who were able to hide their symptoms in elementary school might start to have trouble in middle school as the demands on them increase. They can also withdraw socially as it becomes harder for them to communicate with their peers.

Middle and high school students with dyslexia:Have trouble writing clearly (make errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation).Take a long time to finish their homework or complete tests, have messy handwriting, Speak slowly,avoid reading aloud.Use the wrong words -- like 'furnish' instead of 'finish' or 'lotion' for 'ocean'.Can't remember the names of words, so they might say 'um' or 'uh' a lot” (March 4,2010). If kids won’t have the help that they needed when they are in a young age, their situation will get worse in the future. Which why we have to keep an eye out for people that may have this sights, because they will be ashamed to say they have it just because they can’t read,write or even thing like how the other kids their age should be.

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