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Side Effect Of Listening Music

If you like listening to music, you are in good company. Charles Darwin once said, ‘If I have a new life again, I have to read poetry and listen to music at least once a week.’ Stein announced ‘If I am not a physicist I...

How Music Therapy Can Improve One's Life

“Music Therapy” is a well known technology that impacts many lives nowadays. Musical therapy is a type of therapy which is proven to work after conducted research which you may also call “ Clinical evidence-based therapy”. The creator of music therapy was E. Theyar Gaston...

Piano – The Sound Of My Life

I believe in the piano. The piano is an instrument that will catch your heart right upon hearing it. The piano is an irreversible spell, a possessor, and a beautiful instrument. When I first started playing piano it caught on to me like a super...

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