The Language of Music: Understanding Its Universal Appeal

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Music is the art of arranging sounds in time to produce a composition through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. It has resembled as food for our souls, and its relationship with the human race is so intense. Music is related to our relaxation, festival, national pride, prayer, daily activities, joys, celebrations, and many prime aspects of our personal and social life. I believe that music is always pleasant and brings benefits to individuals as well as society and culture. The negative effect of hearing music is less than the positive effect. We need music for our motivation, celebration, and expressing our inner joys and respect for things we love.

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First of all, music is a form of joy that is bound with our existence. It is a form of expression which can be understood and expressed so easily. In its most general form, the activities describe music as an art form or cultural activity. Music is the composition of lyrics, melody, instruments, feelings, and experiences that articulate our life, and we have our favorite music based on our understanding and preference.

The positive influences of music are enormous – it heals our wounds, it motivates us, it refreshes our minds, it reminds us about our past and the list goes on and on. The music society or country adopts returns its traditions, cultures, history, and unique features. The national anthem- which is also a piece of music- is revered by all the countrymen and inspires people. Music is a part of prayer in many religions and cultures.

Now, if we judge how music can bring negative effects, which I do not agree with, we will have to consider the people who are claiming it. When people say that foreign music is harmful to a particular tradition, they are not complaining about the music, but rather people’s choice of music. The generation gap is another reason that can bring up the opinion that modern music is harmful to young people. That’s something I also disagree with. This generation gap exists in all centuries and, commonly, the older generation would complain about the choice made by the new generation, especially in music.

Finally, it is hard to find an individual who does not like music. His music choice might be different but his overall need and feelings for music are positive. Music is a valued part of society and every society has its relationship with music. The music reflects society and the unique way of life in that society.

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