Piano – The Sound Of My Life

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I believe in the piano. The piano is an instrument that will catch your heart right upon hearing it. The piano is an irreversible spell, a possessor, and a beautiful instrument. When I first started playing piano it caught on to me like a super glue that can never unstick. Ever since I was six years old, I dreamed of playing the piano. After watching my grandpa play day and night, in his yellow and green pajamas, I was curious in the instrument and wondered if I can one day play like that, so I decided it was time to start persuading my parents to buy me one. That dream later became a reality. When I finally had to the opportunity to start playing the piano, I latched onto it. I was only in the eighth grade, excited to embark on this new expedition. Not knowing if I would succeed at this endeavor, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Piano was a life-altering experience from me in every way possible. It filled a gap in my creative life that I didn’t even know existed, and created a brand new reality for me. I felt whole and free-spirited. Over time, I have explored different genres to figure out what I identify with and enjoy most. In my early years, I listened to famous pieces by Mozart and Beethoven; but as I progressed, I shifted to a more modern style music, like Deutsche Lied and Hans Zimmer. I am currently more into soft, classical pieces such as Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Burgmuller’s Ballade. I figured that if I listen to a beautiful song, why not play it?

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This mindset and determination is carried with me every day. Whenever I feel agitated or pondering over a problem, I turn to the piano to help me. The piano helps me discharge my emotions with ease. The piano does the best job of conveying general human emotions better than any other instrument. No other instrumental pieces could compare with pieces by Debussy, Chopin, or Beethoven when it comes to conveying human emotion, whether it be love, happiness, anger, and sorrow. It feels like it takes all my emotions from my fingers to the keys with a striving electric pulse, and just like that a light goes off and my problems are solved. In addition it is a source of entertainment. The piano is an all around instrument; you can play any genre no matter what the occasion. For example, you can play classical, jazz, cocktail, and country. It is a multi-emotional instrument. That is why it attracts so many different types of personalities. At first, I was really shy about playing it around people other than my family. My mom would always ask me to play for guests or clients, and I was always hesitant about it, thinking I wasn’t good enough. Now, it makes me happy playing it for my friends. I don’t know what changed, either my confidence or my maturity, but I enjoy playing for people now. I think piano really does a good job in lighting up the mood in any situation. I did not learn like most people. I did not learn with a teacher nor by reading notes. I learned with something I already had, my ear. It is as my friends call it, “a god given talent”, but I don’t like to think of it like that. I think any person can do it if they really put their time and mind to it, like I did. However, in the future I would like to learn notes, to ease the process of learning a new song, because it does sometimes takes weeks, testing my patience and determination.

The piano is my spell, controlling my fingers as they glide over the keys. The piano is my teacher, calling out its songs to me. The piano is my friend, helping me release my emotions. And finally, the piano is my comforter, relaxing me from head to toe every time my fingers connect with the keys. I am very grateful for the opportunity that God has given me to be able to learn and play the piano. The piano has magic; and that is what keeps me playing. I could never have chosen a more alluring instrument to play. No one could ever take away the superglue of the piano in my life, because it is now a part of me. Without the piano, I would not be who I am today, I would not be complete. However, with it, I am much more. I am something free of words. I am a sorcerer, and it is my apprentice. And when I play a song, I am the piano. And that is why I believe in the piano.

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