Essay Samples on Treatment

The Early Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has been a major epidemic among citizens all over the world. This cancer type ranks second as a killer from lung cancer. An estimation of approximately one-third of breast cancers is attributed to have a link to artificial factors [2]. They include a...

Symptoms, Treatment and Dangers of Typhoid Fever

Introduction Typhoid fever is refered one of the world’s main causes illness also death. This infectious disease is caused by Gram- negative bacteria called Salmonella. Infection with salmonella in humans can be classified into two wide kinds created by low- virulence serotypes of Salmonella enterica...

Key Mutations and Treatments of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has become the most prevalent and threatening cancer worldwide. Parallel to most malignancies, lung cancer is composed of sub-populations of cells with distinct molecular features, resulting in intra-tumoral heterogeneity (Herbst,, 2018). There are two types of lung cancer; small cell lung cancer...

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