Essay Samples on Eating Habits

The Comparison of Fruit vs Sugar Consumption

“Sweet!” is a word that people use to describe things they enjoy. Sweet treats make people feel happy they associate the word sweet with good things. Sweets are something to indulge in, enjoy with friends, and have as treats during celebrations. Yes, sugar is sweet…

The Role of Evolution on Food and Eating Habits

Evolution is always happening and will always be as long as there is life to carry it out. We must admit that evolution is happening today all around us. Evolution shapes every human’s day to day life. Our knowledge of how things change, specifically how…

A Personal Experiment with an Improved Diet

Abstract I have been wanting to change my eating habits for quite sometime. According to the “Real Age Test”, my overall health age is thirty. I am only twenty-one years old. From taking in those results, I knew I needed to change. I have a…

The Future Of Artificial Meat Constituents

Both the consumption and production of meat is one of the most controversial food issues today. Many have already changed their eating habits to a non meat diet for many reasons including personal preference, health concerns, weight management, environmental worries, and money. Another issue that…

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