Experiment on Dangers of the Fast Food Meals in Documentary Movie Super Size Me

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Thesis and supporting argument of the film: The main thesis of Super Size Me is that McDonald’s is not good food as a meal we eat everyday. In the movies, Spurlock try to find out fast food mightn’t increase people’s happiness and health so he starts to eat McDonald’s food everyday three times per day.

In the end of the 30 day, Spurlock have increase 24 pounds when he was 32 years old. He has different issues about his body such as cholesterol increase to 230 mm. This gives him a huge problem about liver, mood and sexual dysfunction. This type of life cycle is harm his body system because this is totally unhealthy.

In the fist five days, he gained 9. 5 pounds. The day 21, he has heart palpitations. His internist, Dr. Daryl Isaacs, advises him to stop what he is doing immediately to avoid any serious health problems. He didn’t listen because he wants to finish this experiment. He spends almost five months to lost 20. 1 pounds and another 9 months to lose 4. 5 pounds. It shows that gain weight is easy but lose weight need spend double time to become healthy again. People need to take care of themselves by eat less fast food as possible because this life style will destroy the body system in the negative direction.

The film makes the case for this thesis by showing that McDonald’s is engaged in fast food is not good for people’s healthy and no good for the people. Analysis of the argument: I found Super Size Me’s main argument to be fast food would not be the best choose to eat everyday which is totally not health. In the beginning of the movies, most child like fast food and the founder Ray Kroc said, “Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself. ”

This shows that most people like fast food, however; Spurlock has different idea. Then, he starts to do this experiment and make it as a film to show to everyone. He thinks fast food is not healthy and trying to show everyone it is right during the movies. McDonald is the example to test fast food is healthy or not.

During the movies, they also interview people on the streets about the dangers of fast food and some of them stated that it doesn’t effect on their healthy or body. He also asked them if they know how much calories the food is and most of them had no idea. This shows that people need to try it then say who is right not just feel like it healthy. The most important part of this movies is that the food’s nutritional value because this is number one thing to say fast food is healthy or not.

Based on the movies, we know that most of the McDonald don’t have nutritional value table or hide in other place people can’t see it such as behind trash can. In the end of the movies, he leaves us with a strong conclusion which is he using “you” a lot to make the viewer feel like he is specifically addressing to him or her. This will start to have a different view of point about fast food based on the real experiment.

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