Essay Samples on Music

The Narrator's Connection to Music in Sonny's Blues

Background As an African American young woman, I have always been taught the sky’s the limit and not allowing the world shape you into anything else differently. I have learned to express myself through my passion as a way of healing through the trauma I…

My Attitude To BTS, Korea Boyband

BTS, Korea boyband, arguably the biggest boyband in the world today. Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you saw it at Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. A group of sweet-faced young people who took k-pop to the next level. I’ve written a bit about how k-pop…

Music Pieces In Story Telling

What have you learned about story telling? In this unit, we are exploring music pieces written though stories, and the outside musical meaning of the composer trying to express through music. Programmatic music played an important role in the type of storytelling music. I learned…

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