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Clarinet and High Degree of Musical Independence

This virtuosic musical piece includes a huge variety of instruments, including flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba, timpani, violins, and cello. The sound is simple and elegant, but functional, and the rich serenade is full of beautiful melodies and warm harmonies. Although this...

Different Fascinating Ways to Play Clarinet

A clarinet player of six years will have some good pro tips to a beginner. The B flat clarinet can be a difficult instrument to play. While it's semi-easy to get a sound on a clarinet, the challenge is getting a rich, round sound. While...

Appreciation of Flute Instruments in Rachmaninoff's Overtures

There are many things to analyze on Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto. His concert is full of emotions, imagination, and deep feelings. It is like traveling back in time to different ages. It allows you to clear your mind and it takes you to a parallel...

Musical Review of Clarinet and Trumpet Solos in Classical Pieces

Dippermouth Blues by King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band: From 0 to 0:08 there is a quick intro of the piano and the trumpet. The trumpet has a legato which is the term for notes moving from fluidly and the piano is a staccato which is...

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