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Motivational Lessons In Hidden Figures

This is a book review of the book “Hidden Figures” authored by Margot Lee Shetterly and published by William Morrow and Company in September 2016. The volume of the book is 368 pages and its genre is biography, feminism, history, and science. The book revolved...

Hidden Figures' Most Important Characters

Katherine Johnson, who is a very important and main character in the story and movie “Hidden Figures” is a passionate, outspoken black mathematician who works in the Flight Research Division at the Langley Research Center. An accuracy portrayed in the movie, from the book, was...

Getting Up And Over Social Barriers: Hidden Figures

Movies have often been seen as a source of entertainment, a place to turn to when one is bored or when one is looking for some sort of catharsis. This has led to the movie industry to skyrocket in terms of production and revenues but...

Issue Of Sexism In Hidden Figures

‘Hidden Figures’ returns us to 1961 when racial isolation and work environment sexism were generally acknowledged as unavoidable issues facing everyone and ‘PC’ alluded to an individual, not a machine. Even though a massive IBM centralized server appears in the motion picture — sufficiently large...

African-american Female In Hidden Figures

The hidden figure describes to us a story of three dedicated African American female mathematicians aka known as the “human computers” who used pencils, scales, and adding machines to calculate the numbers on how they could launch rockets into space. These female problem-solvers were some...

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