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Ccharacter Traits Of Doctor Patch Adams

I would characterize Patch Adams’ personality as emotionally stable. According to Schulz and Schulz (2012), “…neurotics are characterized as anxious, depressed, tense, irrational, and moody. They may also have low self-esteem and be prone to guilt feelings” (The Dimensions of Personality, para. 12.). Patch Adams...

Patch Adams The Film: Importance Of Humour In Treating

Patch Adams is a 1998 true-to-life movie of a Doctor who attempted to cure patients with laughter, based on their natural persona and mixing equal doses of humor and laughter. Hunter “Patch” Adams, played by Robin Williams, discovers the hope of his calling “to help...

Theme Of Helping Others In Film Patch Adams

Hunter Adams doesn’t see a purpose in his life. He attempts suicide and commits himself to a psychiatric hospital. There he sees the misery and unhappiness of the patients. He doesn’t like the attitude and conduct of the workers and the doctors at the hospital....

Fun and Serious In Film Patch Adams

Hunter (Patch) Adams is the main character of this movie in which he is a middle-aged man that one day carries himself into a mental ward for trying to commit suicide. It’s there where he is given the nickname “Patch” and identifies that he has...

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