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Marcus Luttrell, the Lone Survivor of the Modern Day

When people think about heroes, they often think of an actor even a movie star, it is not always about popularity. It is about how much that person has impacted our life. When I think of a modern day hero, I think of Marcus Luttrell,...

Lone Survivors: An Extensive Overview of Homosapiens Nature

Picking up this book, I assumed I knew what I was about to read, a comprehensive review of Homo sapiens, and how they became the last remaining of the Genus Homo. I was thoroughly impressed with the way Chris Stringer brought together his book, it...

Lone Survivors and the Portrayal of the Human Journey

A million years ago, our Homo erectus ancestors consisted of maybe 20,000 breeding individuals, according to wizards who speculate on the hidden secrets of DNA. This is similar to the current population of chimpanzees or gorillas. The ancestors lived in scattered pockets of Africa, at...

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