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The Problem Of Discrimination In "A Class Divided"

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Abstract The day after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, a teacher from a small predominantly white town in Iowa; decided to try a daring two day experiment which divided her class. Mrs. Elliott was determined to teach her third graders a lesson on discrimination...

Theme Of Discrimination In 'A Class Divided'

The 1985 PBS Frontline documentary, ‘A Class Divided’ is an exemplary piece of film making that captures almost perfectly, the way in which discrimination is created, spread and enforced amongst members in a society. From the film, we can draw conclusions as to why discrimination...

A Class Divided' Movie Review

“Oh Great Spirit, keep me from ever judging a man until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.” The above lines from a Sioux prayer, hit a chord in light of the diverse and divided world we live in. Quoted by the protagonist Jane...

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