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The Collaboration of Stranger Things and Kellog Company

Business Organizations are always searching innovative ways to successfully market their brand to the consumers. Many of the organizations were looking for the next big thing. Such as using the social media or the internet for marketing was a ground-breaking idea, it also helped in...

The Significance of Friendship in IT and Stranger Things

Friendship: a relationship of mutual affection between people, a stronger form of interpersonal bond than association, a combination of loyalty, love, respect, and trust. This is the basic definition that we as a society recognize but that statement does not fully define what friendship is....

The Outsider and Stranger Things: The Similarities Between the Show and the Book

In the story The Outsider, composed by Stephen King, the fundamental characters are Ralph Anderson, Mr.Ritz and Ms.Stanhope. The principle setting is in Flint City, Oklahoma. In the start of the story, a police analyst named Ralph Anderson captures a youth baseball trainer Terry Maitland....

Creating a Parallel Universe of Upside Down in Stranger Things

By now, we all have felt the erratic changes in our weather pattern. There is delay in the monsoon and then it pours like anything. There is scorching sun above our heads in a time which is supposed to be cold. One year there is...

The Essence of 80s and 90s Nostalgia in Stranger Things

The show that launched a thousand Halloween costumes -- Stranger Things. Pretty much every 20-something with a borrowed Netflix password is losing their mind over Stranger Things: Season 2. But why is everyone obsessed with a show that's basically “The Goonies meet Fox Mulder?” Some...

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