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Mystical Crime Thriller Film Chinatown

Chinatown is a mystical crime thriller film for me well directed by Roman Polinski which I believe is such a good move at the 1970’s because of the lack of infrastructure to make films at that time. Robert Towne has done a mind-blowing screen play...

Elements Of Film Noir Genre In Roman Polanski's Movie Chinatown

Film Noir. By definition it signifies, 'a style or sort of cinematographic film set apart by a state of mind of cynicism, submission to the inevitable, and threat.' as it were, American spine chiller or investigator films. The motion picture Chinatown, coordinated by Roman Polanski,...

Chinatown: Moral Infidelity of Private Investigations

“Chinatown” by Roman Polanski a neo-noir mystery film that was released in 1974. A film with great complications to the films’ genre. The film “Chinatown” fits more towards a subgenre movie as to the film “The Departed” rather than the film “Les Miserables”. My approach...

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